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What Happened To Frank On American Pickers

What Happened To Frank On American Pickers

What Happened To Frank On American Pickers

Frank Fritz’s Journey Post-American Pickers

Frank Fritz, once a vibrant co-host on the popular television show “American Pickers,” has faced significant health challenges since his departure from the series. Known for his keen eye for antiques and his dynamic partnership with Mike Wolfe, Fritz’s life took a dramatic turn following a severe stroke in July 2022.

Frank Fritz’s Health Crisis

In mid-2022, Frank Fritz suffered a debilitating stroke that significantly impacted his mobility and ability to communicate. Found unresponsive in his home, he was quickly transported to a local hospital where the severity of his condition became apparent. This health scare led to a long road of recovery, involving both in-patient and out-patient treatments, and necessitated the appointment of a legal guardian to help manage his care and financial affairs.

Despite these challenges, Fritz has shown resilience. Recent reports indicate that he has made appearances in public, such as a visit to a local social club in Illinois, signaling a positive turn in his recovery journey. However, his mobility is still limited, and he continues to use a wheelchair.

The Impact on His Career

Frank Fritz’s health issues came after his departure from “American Pickers,” a show he had been part of since its inception in 2010. His exit from the show was shrouded in mystery for a time, with fans speculating about the reasons. It was later revealed that behind-the-scenes disagreements and the need for a back surgery had contributed to his departure. Despite his absence from the show, Fritz remained a beloved figure among fans of the series.

Since leaving the show, Fritz has not returned to television. His focus has shifted towards his health and recovery. The stroke has put a pause on his professional activities, including his personal business, Frank Fritz Finds, an antique store in Illinois which has reportedly seen better days.

Reunion with Mike Wolfe

Despite past tensions, the bond between Frank Fritz and Mike Wolfe shows signs of mending. The duo famously reunited over Memorial Day weekend, a meeting that was reportedly emotional for both parties. During this reunion, Wolfe expressed his hope for Fritz’s return to television, although Fritz remains focused on his health.

This reunion was significant as it marked the end of a period of estrangement between the two, during which they communicated sporadically through social media and press interviews. The face-to-face meeting allowed them to reconnect and recall the early days of their friendship and their adventures on “American Pickers.”

Current State of Frank Fritz Finds

Frank Fritz’s antique store, Frank Fritz Finds, has faced challenges paralleling his personal health struggles. Located in a historic area of Illinois, the store has reportedly fallen into disrepair, with issues ranging from structural concerns to a decline in regular maintenance. Despite these setbacks, there have been efforts to revitalize the store, reflecting a hope that Fritz’s professional endeavors will continue alongside his recovery.

The store remains a point of interest for fans and antique enthusiasts, who hope to see it return to its former glory as Fritz regains his health.

Looking Ahead

Frank Fritz’s journey through recovery is a testament to his resilience and the support of his friends, family, and fans. While his future in television remains uncertain, his recent public appearances and the ongoing support from his former co-host suggest that Fritz is not facing these challenges alone.

As he continues to recover, the antique community and fans of “American Pickers” watch with hope and anticipation, wishing him a full return to health and perhaps, one day, a return to his former role on the screen.


  • What caused Frank Fritz to leave American Pickers?
    Frank Fritz left “American Pickers” due to a combination of health issues and behind-the-scenes disagreements.
  • How is Frank Fritz doing after his stroke?
    Frank Fritz is currently in recovery, showing gradual improvements and has made public appearances, although he still uses a wheelchair.
  • Do Frank Fritz and Mike Wolfe still communicate?
    Yes, after a period of estrangement, Frank Fritz and Mike Wolfe have reconnected and continue to communicate.
  • Will Frank Fritz return to American Pickers?
    While there has been speculation about his return, Frank Fritz is currently focused on his health recovery.
  • Is Frank Fritz Finds still open?
    Yes, the store remains open but has faced challenges related to maintenance and upkeep.

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