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What Happened To Geto

What Happened To Geto

The Transformation of Suguru Geto: From Jujutsu Sorcerer to Cursed User

Suguru Geto’s journey through the world of Jujutsu Kaisen is a tale of transformation, marked by pivotal moments that shaped his path from a promising Jujutsu sorcerer to a notorious cursed user. This narrative explores the events that led to his drastic change, shedding light on his motivations and the consequences of his actions.

Early Days at Tokyo Jujutsu High

Geto’s story begins at Tokyo Jujutsu High, where he was a student alongside Satoru Gojo and Shoko Ieiri. Known for his prowess and potential, Geto was part of many critical missions during his school years. One such mission involved rescuing fellow students Mei Mei and Utahime, showcasing his abilities early on. Despite his skills, Geto often found himself at odds with Gojo, particularly on their views about the role of Jujutsu sorcerers, which foreshadowed his later disillusionment with the Jujutsu society.

During a significant mission to protect Riko, a vessel meant to merge with Tengen, Geto’s ideology began to shift. The mission was fraught with danger, leading to a confrontation with Toji Fushiguro, a powerful mercenary. This encounter was particularly traumatic for Geto as it not only threatened their mission but also led to severe injuries and a deeper questioning of his beliefs about strength and protection.

The Path to Darkness

The turning point for Geto came after the mission involving Riko. The aftermath of the mission left him questioning the value of protecting non-sorcerers and the existing Jujutsu regulations. His growing disenchantment was compounded by personal tragedies and the harsh realities he faced during subsequent missions. This period of introspection and conflict culminated in Geto’s decision to massacre a village that had sought his help, marking his first major step towards becoming a curse user.

Geto’s ideology evolved to view non-sorcerers as unnecessary, leading him to advocate for a world dominated by Jujutsu sorcerers. This radical shift in perspective set him on a collision course with his former friends and the broader Jujutsu society. His actions became increasingly extreme, culminating in the release of a cursed spirit at an elementary school, an act that underscored his complete transformation into a curse user.

Confrontation and Downfall

Geto’s crusade against non-sorcerers and his former allies reached its peak during the events leading up to and including the Shibuya Incident. His plan to seal away Gojo, the strongest Jujutsu sorcerer, highlighted his strategic acumen and his willingness to use any means necessary to achieve his goals. However, this also set the stage for his eventual downfall. During a confrontation with Yuta Okkotsu, Geto’s ambitions were thwarted, and he suffered severe injuries that led to his retreat and presumed death.

Unbeknownst to many, Geto’s body was later possessed by an unknown entity, allowing his physical form to continue influencing events within the Jujutsu world. This new “Geto” aligned with other cursed spirits and curse users, further complicating the legacy of the original Geto.

Legacy and Continued Influence

Despite his physical death, Geto’s impact on the Jujutsu world remains significant. The actions taken by the entity controlling his body continue to pose challenges for Jujutsu sorcerers, particularly in the ongoing conflicts involving cursed spirits and their plans against humanity. Geto’s complex legacy is a powerful reminder of the thin line between protector and destroyer within the world of Jujutsu Kaisen.

In conclusion, Suguru Geto’s journey is a poignant story of loss, ideological conflict, and transformation. From a promising student to a feared curse user, his path reflects the broader themes of power, responsibility, and the consequences of extremism in the Jujutsu Kaisen universe.


  1. What led to Suguru Geto becoming a curse user?
    Geto’s transformation was driven by his disillusionment with the Jujutsu society’s approach to non-sorcerers and his traumatic experiences during key missions.
  2. Did Geto die in the series?
    Yes, Geto was mortally wounded during a confrontation with Yuta Okkotsu and later died. However, his body was reanimated by an unknown entity.
  3. Who is using Geto’s body after his death?
    An unknown entity has taken over Geto’s body, using it to further their own goals and continue influencing the Jujutsu world.
  4. What were Geto’s abilities as a Jujutsu sorcerer?
    Geto was known for his ability to manipulate and control curses, which he used with great skill both before and after his transformation into a curse user.
  5. How did Geto’s actions impact the Jujutsu society?
    Geto’s radical ideology and actions led to significant conflicts within the Jujutsu society, challenging its members to reconsider their roles and the impact of their power on the world.
  6. What is the significance of Geto’s ideology in Jujutsu Kaisen?
    Geto’s ideology challenges the foundational beliefs of the Jujutsu society and serves as a critique of the divisions between sorcerers and non-sorcerers, highlighting themes of power, protection, and moral responsibility.

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