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What Happened To Jake From State Farm

What Happened To Jake From State Farm

The Evolution of Jake from State Farm: From Viral Ad to Cultural Icon

The Evolution of Jake from State Farm: From Viral Ad to Cultural Icon

The Birth of a Viral Sensation

In the early 2010s, a simple commercial about a man talking to his insurance agent at three in the morning unexpectedly catapulted the character “Jake from State Farm” into the limelight. The ad, which first aired in 2011, featured a husband caught by his suspicious wife while on the phone with Jake, a State Farm agent, who humorously ends up discussing his attire – khakis. This commercial not only became a viral hit but also set the stage for Jake to become a key spokesperson for State Farm, joining the ranks of other iconic advertising figures like Progressive’s Flo and the GEICO Gecko.

Who is Jake from State Farm?

Originally portrayed by Jake Stone, a real-life employee who won the role through an internal casting call, Jake from State Farm was characterized by his straightforward demeanor and casual attire, symbolized by his khakis. The character’s relatability and the humorous twist of the commercial resonated with viewers, making Jake an instant hit. Over time, as the demands of the role increased, State Farm decided to transition the role to a professional actor, leading to the casting of Kevin Miles in 2020, who brought a new energy to the role while maintaining the essence of the beloved character.

Transition to a Professional Actor

With the character’s increasing popularity and the expanding scope of the advertising campaigns, State Farm felt a seasoned actor could better handle the rigorous demands of the role. Kevin Miles, an actor with a solid background in television and commercials, was chosen to take over. This transition was marked by a special commercial that featured both Stone and Miles, symbolically passing the torch to the new Jake. Miles has since become a familiar face in State Farm ads, often appearing alongside celebrities and athletes, further cementing Jake’s status as a cultural icon.

Impact on the Original Jake

Jake Stone, the original Jake from State Farm, experienced a brief but intense period of fame following the commercial. Despite the surreal experience of seeing himself on television and being recognized, Stone eventually returned to his life away from the cameras, working as a bartender. His stint as Jake, however, left a lasting impact, boosting his confidence and leaving him with fond memories of his unexpected brush with fame.

Jake from State Farm in Popular Culture

Over the years, Jake from State Farm has not only been a fixture in commercials but has also made appearances in video games and social media, often interacting with fans and celebrities alike. The character’s simple yet memorable line, “Uh, khakis,” has become a catchphrase, echoing through various forms of media and entertainment, further illustrating the wide-reaching impact of this advertising phenomenon.

Looking Ahead

As Jake from State Farm continues to evolve, the collaboration between Kevin Miles and State Farm is likely to bring more innovative and engaging content. Whether interacting with sports stars or appearing in unexpected places, Jake from State Farm remains a beloved figure whose continued popularity is a testament to the lasting power of a well-crafted advertising character.


Who was the original Jake from State Farm?
Jake Stone, a real-life State Farm employee, was the original actor to portray Jake from State Farm in the 2011 commercial.

Why was Jake from State Farm recast?
As the role expanded, State Farm opted for a professional actor to meet the demands of the character, leading to Kevin Miles taking over in 2020.

What does Jake from State Farm wear?
The character is famously known for wearing khakis, which is highlighted in his iconic line from the original commercial.

Has Jake from State Farm appeared in other media?
Yes, Jake from State Farm has appeared in video games like NBA 2K and has a significant presence on social media.

What is the cultural impact of Jake from State Farm?
Jake from State Farm has become a cultural icon, recognized widely across the United States and beyond, often cited in various media and conversations for his relatable and humorous persona.

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