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What Happened To Jalen Hurts

What Happened To Jalen Hurts

What Happened To Jalen Hurts

The 2023 Season: A Challenging Year for Jalen Hurts and the Philadelphia Eagles

The 2023 NFL season was a tumultuous one for the Philadelphia Eagles, marked by significant changes and challenges that impacted the team’s performance, particularly that of quarterback Jalen Hurts. Despite a promising roster and a strong start, the Eagles faced numerous obstacles that culminated in a season that left fans and analysts pondering what went wrong.

Defensive Struggles and Coordinator Changes

The Eagles’ defense experienced a notable decline, prompting a change in coordinators in December. Despite the switch, improvements were minimal. The team struggled with an aging and injury-plagued squad that failed to effectively cover the middle of the field. This vulnerability was exploited by opponents, notably the San Francisco 49ers, who used motion and diverse backfield actions to create confusion and capitalize on the Eagles’ defensive hesitations.

Offensive Inconsistencies Under New Leadership

On the offensive side, the Eagles were under the guidance of first-time NFL play-caller Brian Johnson. Although the offensive schemes were largely unchanged from previous seasons, the execution was not as sharp. The season began with a stifled performance against the New England Patriots, setting a tone of struggle that would continue throughout the year. Despite maintaining top 10 rankings in several offensive metrics, the team’s play was often disjointed, and the once-dynamic run game saw reduced effectiveness from Hurts.

Jalen Hurts’ Diminished Impact in the Run Game

Hurts, known for his dual-threat capabilities, saw a decrease in his running efficiency in 2023. His designed run attempts dropped, and his success rate on these plays fell significantly compared to the previous season. This decline in the run game not only affected the Eagles’ offensive rhythm but also highlighted a potential shift in strategy to preserve Hurts’ health over the long term. However, this conservative approach seemed to sap some of the dynamism from Hurts’ play, as he appeared less willing to take risks on the ground.

Challenges with the Run-Pass Option (RPO)

The effectiveness of the Eagles’ RPO plays also waned in 2023. Both the running and passing components of the RPO saw reduced yardage and effectiveness, with defenses adapting and countering strategies that had previously been successful for Philadelphia. This adaptation by opponents stifled one of the Eagles’ key offensive strategies, leading to more predictable and less successful plays.

Increased Pressure and Blitz Challenges

Hurts faced increased pressure from defenses throughout the season, with opponents frequently employing blitzes to disrupt the Eagles’ offensive rhythm. This strategy was particularly effective, as Hurts struggled to handle the blitz, often leading to rushed decisions and ineffective plays. The wild-card playoff game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers highlighted these issues, with Hurts unable to find success against Todd Bowles’ aggressive defensive schemes.

Looking Ahead: Adjustments and Expectations

As the Eagles move forward, the team faces several critical decisions, particularly regarding offensive strategy and personnel adjustments. The potential retirement of center Jason Kelce could signal further changes in the offensive line, which has been a cornerstone of the team’s success. Additionally, Hurts’ development and adaptation to defensive strategies will be crucial as he continues to evolve as a quarterback in the NFL.


The 2023 season was undoubtedly challenging for Jalen Hurts and the Philadelphia Eagles. As they regroup and look to the future, the team will need to address the issues that plagued them this season and find ways to maximize Hurts’ talents while shoring up weaknesses on both sides of the ball. With the right adjustments, the Eagles have the potential to return to their previous form and contend for championships in the coming years.


  • What were the main issues with the Eagles’ defense in 2023?
    The defense struggled with aging and injured players, ineffective coverage of the middle field, and confusion caused by opponents’ pre-snap movements.
  • How did Jalen Hurts’ performance change in 2023?
    Hurts saw a decrease in his running efficiency and struggled with the effectiveness of the RPO plays. He also faced challenges in handling increased defensive pressure, particularly blitzes.
  • What changes did the Eagles make during the season?
    The Eagles changed their defensive coordinator in December, although improvements were minimal. The offensive strategy also shifted to a more conservative approach to preserve Hurts’ health.
  • What are the key areas of focus for the Eagles moving forward?
    The team needs to address its offensive strategy, particularly in handling blitzes and improving the RPO effectiveness. Adjustments in the offensive line and quarterback development will also be crucial.
  • How can the Eagles improve for the next season?
    Improving the defensive squad, refining the offensive playbook to suit Hurts’ strengths, and ensuring robust health and conditioning programs will be essential for a better performance in the next season.

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