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What Happened To Joe From Impractical Jokers

What Happened To Joe From Impractical Jokers

What Happened to Joe from Impractical Jokers?

What Happened to Joe from Impractical Jokers?

The sudden departure of Joe Gatto from the popular TV show “Impractical Jokers” has left many fans puzzled and eager for answers. Known for its unique blend of comedy and reality TV, “Impractical Jokers” has entertained audiences since its debut, with Joe being one of the pivotal members of the comedic group, The Tenderloins. His exit in 2021 marked a significant change in the show’s dynamic and has been a topic of discussion among the show’s followers.

The Reason Behind Joe’s Departure

In late 2021, Joe Gatto announced that he would be leaving “Impractical Jokers” to dedicate more time to his personal life, particularly focusing on his role as a father and co-parent. This decision came after his separation from his wife, Bessy. Despite the challenges in his personal life, Joe and Bessy managed to reconcile and celebrated their 10-year wedding anniversary. However, Joe has made it clear that his priority remains with his family, showing no current intentions to return to the show.

Joe’s departure was heartfelt and he expressed his gratitude towards his fans and co-stars for the years of support and laughter. It was a decision driven by his commitment to his family, and while it disappointed fans, many have shown understanding and support for his choice.

Joe’s Life After the Show

Post-departure, Joe Gatto has not stepped away from the spotlight entirely. He has ventured into stand-up comedy and continues to perform across various venues, sharing his humor in a more personal setting. Additionally, Joe co-hosts a podcast titled “Two Cool Moms” alongside comedian Steve Byrne. The podcast has been well-received, offering discussions on parenting, life, and of course, comedy.

These endeavors indicate that Joe has successfully transitioned into a career that allows him to balance his professional aspirations with his family life. His ongoing involvement in entertainment keeps his fans engaged and gives them a glimpse into his evolving comedic style.

Impact on “Impractical Jokers”

Joe’s exit from “Impractical Jokers” left a noticeable gap in the show. As a founding member of The Tenderloins, Joe’s unique sense of humor and charismatic presence were integral to the show’s success. The show continues to air, with the remaining members striving to maintain the high-energy and hilarity that it is known for. However, fans and critics alike have noted the change in dynamics and the challenge the show faces in trying to fill Joe’s shoes.

The series has tried to keep the essence of what made it a hit, focusing on the camaraderie and comedic challenges among the remaining members. While the show still enjoys popularity, the absence of Joe’s spirited antics is palpable.

Legacy and Continued Popularity

Despite his departure, Joe Gatto’s legacy on “Impractical Jokers” remains strong. Clips featuring Joe continue to circulate and remain popular among the show’s fanbase, serving as a reminder of the joy he brought to his viewers. His impact on the show’s brand and its success during his tenure is undeniable, and he remains a beloved figure in the realm of comedic television.

The show, while evolving, continues to celebrate the spirit of what The Tenderloins created together. Whether Joe will make guest appearances or perhaps even return to the show in the future remains uncertain, but the door seems open for potential collaborations.


Joe Gatto’s decision to leave “Impractical Jokers” was a significant moment for the show and its audience. While his presence is missed, his reasons for leaving garner respect and admiration. As both Joe and the show move forward, the legacy of laughter they created together continues to entertain and inspire.


  • Why did Joe leave Impractical Jokers?
    Joe left to focus more on his family and personal life after his separation and reconciliation with his wife.
  • Has Joe stopped performing comedy?
    No, Joe continues to perform stand-up comedy and participates in other entertainment projects like podcasts.
  • Will Joe return to Impractical Jokers?
    As of now, Joe has not indicated any plans to return to the show.
  • How has the show changed since Joe’s departure?
    The show has continued with the remaining members, but fans have noted a change in the dynamic and energy.
  • What is Joe’s podcast about?
    Joe’s podcast, “Two Cool Moms,” which he co-hosts with Steve Byrne, discusses parenting, life, and comedy.

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