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What Happened To Joe In Impractical Jokers

What Happened To Joe In Impractical Jokers

What Happened to Joe in Impractical Jokers?

What Happened to Joe in Impractical Jokers?

For fans of the hit TV show Impractical Jokers, the absence of Joe Gatto, one of the original members of the comedy troupe The Tenderloins, has been a poignant change. Known for his jovial demeanor and fearless approach to the show’s daring challenges, Joe’s departure in 2021 marked the end of an era for the series. This article delves into the reasons behind his exit and explores what Joe has been up to since leaving the spotlight of Impractical Jokers.

Joe’s Departure from Impractical Jokers

In late 2021, Joe Gatto announced that he would be leaving Impractical Jokers, a decision that stunned fans worldwide. His departure was not due to any professional disagreements or scandals but stemmed from a personal need to dedicate more time to his family. Following his separation from his wife Bessy, Joe chose to prioritize his role as a father and co-parent to their two children. This shift in focus was aimed at fostering a stable and supportive environment for his family during a period of significant change.

Despite the challenges in his personal life, Joe and Bessy managed to reconcile and celebrated their 10-year wedding anniversary. However, Joe has maintained his decision to not return to Impractical Jokers, indicating a new chapter in his life that veers away from the unpredictable demands of the show.

Life After Impractical Jokers

Leaving a show as successful as Impractical Jokers was undoubtedly a tough decision for Joe, but he has not stepped away from the entertainment industry entirely. Instead, he has shifted his focus towards projects that allow him to balance his professional commitments with his family life more effectively. Joe has been active in the stand-up comedy scene, where he continues to entertain audiences with his humor. Additionally, he has ventured into podcasting, co-hosting the Two Cool Moms podcast with comedian Steve Byrne. This new endeavor offers insights into parenting and life from the perspective of two dads in the comedy business.

Joe’s ongoing involvement in show business, albeit in a different capacity, shows his adaptability and commitment to his craft. His ability to find new avenues for his comedic talent while being present for his family is commendable and speaks to his character both as a performer and a parent.

The Impact of Joe’s Departure on Impractical Jokers

Impractical Jokers continues to be a popular show on TruTV, engaging audiences with its unique blend of humor and camaraderie among the cast members. However, Joe’s absence has left a noticeable gap in the dynamic of the group. The chemistry and interactions among the original members were key components of the show’s appeal, and adjusting to a new format without Joe has been a challenge for both the cast and the viewers.

The show has tried to maintain its core essence, focusing on the humor that comes from the awkward and often outrageous challenges the cast members set for each other. While the show still enjoys a loyal fanbase, the absence of Joe’s distinctive charm is an adjustment for longtime viewers. The series has introduced new elements and guest appearances to keep the content fresh and engaging.


Joe Gatto’s departure from Impractical Jokers was a significant turning point for the show, but it was a decision rooted in his commitment to his family. While fans miss seeing him on the show, his endeavors in stand-up comedy and podcasting provide new ways to enjoy his humor. As Impractical Jokers evolves without him, Joe’s legacy as a founding member and beloved prankster continues to influence the show.


Why did Joe leave Impractical Jokers?
Joe left Impractical Jokers to focus more on his family and his responsibilities as a father and co-parent following his separation from his wife.

Has Joe returned to Impractical Jokers since his departure?
No, Joe has not returned to Impractical Jokers since his departure and has expressed no plans to do so.

What is Joe doing after leaving Impractical Jokers?
Joe continues to perform stand-up comedy and co-hosts a podcast called Two Cool Moms with comedian Steve Byrne.

Did Joe’s departure affect the show?
Yes, Joe’s departure left a gap in the show’s dynamics, but Impractical Jokers continues to produce new content and adapt to the changes.

Is Joe still involved in the entertainment industry?
Yes, Joe remains active in the entertainment industry through stand-up comedy and podcasting.

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