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What Happened To Judge Lynn Toler'S Husband

What Happened To Judge Lynn Toler’S Husband

The Passing of Eric Mumford: Reflecting on His Life and Legacy

The Passing of Eric Mumford: Reflecting on His Life and Legacy

Eric Mumford, affectionately known as “Big E,” the husband of Judge Lynn Toler, passed away on December 23, 2022. The news of his passing was shared by Judge Toler, who is widely recognized from her roles as the host of “Divorce Court” and “Marriage Boot Camp.” The announcement was made through a heartfelt Instagram post where Judge Toler expressed her profound grief, stating she was “in a million pieces.”

A Life Together

Eric Mumford and Lynn Toler’s relationship began in 1986, leading to their marriage on April 6, 1989. Their union was a blended one, with Mumford bringing four children from a previous marriage and the couple later having two children together. Over the years, they faced numerous challenges but also shared many joys, which Judge Toler has occasionally reflected on in public writings and interviews. She often spoke about the importance of being mindful and intentional in marriage, emphasizing the need for mutual support and understanding.

Contributions and Memories

Throughout their marriage, both Eric and Lynn were vocal about the ups and downs of their relationship. Judge Toler, in her writings and public appearances, has been candid about the difficulties they faced and how they navigated through them by focusing on communication and understanding. This openness provided insights into their strong commitment to each other and their family, despite the challenges that came their way.

Eric’s Legacy

Eric Mumford was remembered by his wife as a “beautiful man, inside and out,” a sentiment that resonates with those who knew him personally and those who knew him through the reflections shared by Judge Toler. His legacy is one of love, resilience, and the enduring strength of family. The tributes from Judge Toler emphasize the deep love and respect she held for him, qualities that were evidently reciprocated in their decades-long marriage.

Public Reaction and Condolences

The news of Eric Mumford’s passing elicited a wave of support and condolences from fans, friends, and followers of Judge Toler. Many expressed their sympathies through social media, highlighting how much Eric was loved and how deeply he will be missed. In response to these messages, Judge Toler expressed her gratitude for the support, which she described as a significant source of comfort during this challenging time.

Looking Ahead

In the wake of her husband’s passing, Judge Toler has been open about her process of grieving and healing. She has shared messages about the importance of love and the strength it provides in the face of loss. Her reflections continue to inspire many who face similar situations, providing a sense of solidarity and understanding.


The passing of Eric Mumford is a profound loss for Judge Lynn Toler and all who knew him. As the community continues to mourn, the memories and lessons shared by the couple remain a testament to their life together. Eric Mumford’s impact on his family and on those who had the privilege of knowing him will not be forgotten.


When did Eric Mumford pass away?
Eric Mumford passed away on December 23, 2022.

How long were Judge Lynn Toler and Eric Mumford married?
They were married for over 33 years, having tied the knot in 1989.

Did Eric Mumford have children?
Yes, Eric Mumford had four children from a previous relationship and two children with Judge Lynn Toler.

What did Judge Toler say about her husband’s passing?
Judge Toler expressed that she was “in a million pieces” and shared a tribute to him as a “beautiful man, inside and out.”

How has the public reacted to Eric Mumford’s passing?
The public and fans of Judge Toler have shown great support and sympathy, offering condolences through various social media platforms.

What was Eric Mumford’s cause of death?
The cause of Eric Mumford’s death has not been publicly disclosed.

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