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What Happened To Ken Block

What Happened To Ken Block

Tragic Loss of Ken Block in Snowmobile Accident

Tragic Loss of Ken Block in Snowmobile Accident

The motorsport world is in mourning following the tragic death of renowned rally driver and internet sensation Ken Block. At the age of 55, Block’s life was cut short by a snowmobile accident in Wasatch County, Utah, as confirmed by his Hoonigan Racing team.

“Ken was a visionary, a pioneer, and an icon. And most importantly, a father and husband,” stated Hoonigan Racing. “He will be incredibly missed. Please respect the family’s privacy at this time while they grieve.”

Details of the Accident

The incident occurred at approximately 2 p.m. on Monday, while Block was navigating a steep slope on his snowmobile. According to the Wasatch County Sheriff’s Office, the snowmobile overturned and tragically landed on top of him. Despite being part of a group, Block was alone during the mishap. He was pronounced dead at the scene due to the injuries he sustained.

The Wasatch County Sheriff’s Office further noted, “Mr. Block was riding with a group but was alone when the accident occurred. The State Medical Examiner’s Office will determine the official cause of death. We are saddened to hear of the loss of Kenneth and our hearts are with his family and friends so deeply affected. We thank all of our first responders for their continued service.”

A Pioneering Career

Before his illustrious career in rally driving, Ken Block co-founded the sportswear company DC Shoes in 1994, which became a major player in the skateboarding apparel industry. His rally career began in earnest in 2005, and by 2007, he was competing in the FIA World Rally Championship (WRC), participating in 25 WRC events and securing five X Games medals in RallyCross from 2006 to 2015.

Block’s influence extended beyond the racetracks. He was celebrated for his Gymkhana YouTube series, where he showcased his driving prowess through stunts and drifts across various global locations. These videos captured the imagination of millions, amassing hundreds of millions of views and bringing rally driving to a broader audience.

Global Tributes Pour In

The news of Block’s passing has led to an outpouring of tributes from fans and fellow racers alike. Belgian rally driver Thierry Neuville expressed his condolences, stating, “Shocked and saddened to hear the passing of a true icon of our sport. A passionate racer and real pioneer that inspired so many of us. Rest in peace buddy. All my sympathies are with the family and friends.”

Former Formula One driver Jenson Button also shared his grief on social media, “In shock at the passing of Ken Block. Such a talent that did so much for our sport. He was a true visionary with his own unique style & infectious smile. Our sport lost one of the best today but more importantly a great man.”

Survived by Family

Ken Block’s legacy is survived by his wife, Lucy, and their three children. As the motorsport community and fans around the world mourn his untimely demise, they also celebrate the indelible mark he left on the world of rally driving and motorsport entertainment.


Who was Ken Block?
Ken Block was a professional rally driver known for his participation in the World Rally Championship and his popular Gymkhana video series.

How did Ken Block die?
Ken Block died in a snowmobile accident in Wasatch County, Utah, when his snowmobile overturned and landed on him.

What was Ken Block known for besides rally driving?
Besides rally driving, Ken Block was also known for co-founding the sportswear company DC Shoes and his viral Gymkhana YouTube series.

How old was Ken Block when he died?
Ken Block was 55 years old at the time of his death.

Is there any information on Ken Block’s family?
Ken Block is survived by his wife, Lucy, and their three children.

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