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What Happened To Kennedy On Fox News

What Happened To Kennedy On Fox News

The End of an Era: Kennedy’s Departure from Fox News

After an impactful tenure spanning over eight years, Lisa Kennedy Montgomery, popularly known simply as Kennedy, concluded her show on FOX Business Network. This marked the end of a significant chapter in her career but also the beginning of new ventures in the digital space. Kennedy, a former MTV VJ turned political commentator, has been a distinctive voice on Fox, known for her sharp wit and libertarian viewpoints.

Despite the show’s cancellation, Kennedy’s presence in the media and online remains robust. She continues to engage with her audience through her podcast, “Kennedy Saves The World,” promising more frequent episodes. This transition reflects a broader shift in media consumption trends, with digital platforms becoming increasingly central to how audiences engage with content.

Reflecting on Kennedy’s Journey

Kennedy’s career trajectory has been anything but conventional. Starting as an MTV VJ in the early 90s, she became a cultural icon of the era, known for her edgy and outspoken style. Her move to Fox News was a significant shift, where she brought a blend of entertainment and sharp political commentary. Her show on FOX Business was not just a platform for political discussion but also a space where pop culture and politics intersected freely.

Her departure from Fox marks a significant shift but also highlights her adaptability and willingness to embrace new media landscapes. Kennedy’s ability to pivot from mainstream television to digital platforms like podcasts underscores her understanding of the changing media environment and her commitment to staying connected with her audience.

The Future of Digital Media and Podcasting

The rise of podcasting and digital media offers personalities like Kennedy new avenues to explore content creation without the constraints of traditional media formats. “Kennedy Saves The World” has already established a following, and with plans to increase episode frequency, Kennedy is set to expand her influence and engagement in the digital space. This move is indicative of a broader trend where media personalities are leveraging podcasts to reach audiences directly, allowing for deeper exploration of topics and more personal engagement with listeners.

Moreover, the flexibility of podcasting as a format suits Kennedy’s style, which blends in-depth analysis with a personal touch. This platform allows her to explore a range of topics, from political debates to cultural discussions, in a format that is both accessible and engaging for her audience.

Continued Influence in Media

Despite her departure from nightly television, Kennedy remains a significant figure in media, frequently appearing on other Fox News programs such as “Outnumbered” and “The Five.” Her voice continues to resonate on various issues, from political commentary to social matters, reflecting her role as a seasoned commentator who bridges the gap between entertainment and news.

Her new role as a columnist for The Daily Mail further expands her reach and influence, allowing her to explore her journalistic prowess. Kennedy’s ability to adapt to various media forms and platforms demonstrates her versatility and enduring appeal in the ever-evolving media landscape.

Legacy and Impact

Kennedy’s impact on media, particularly in how music and culture intersect with politics, remains indelible. Her journey from MTV to Fox News illustrates a dynamic career marked by adaptability and a keen sense to engage with shifting audience dynamics. As she continues to evolve professionally, her legacy as a pioneer at the intersection of pop culture and political commentary continues to grow.

As Kennedy embarks on this new phase of her career, her trajectory offers valuable insights into the transformation of media landscapes and the potential of digital platforms to redefine how we engage with news and entertainment. Her continued presence in public discourse, whether through podcasts, television appearances, or columns, ensures that her voice remains relevant and influential in shaping public opinion and cultural discussions.


1. Why did Kennedy leave Fox News?
Kennedy’s show on FOX Business was discontinued as part of the network’s programming changes. However, she continues to contribute to Fox News and other media outlets.

2. What is Kennedy doing after her show ended?
Kennedy is focusing on her podcast “Kennedy Saves The World” and has also taken up a role as a columnist for The Daily Mail.

3. Can I still watch old episodes of Kennedy’s show on Fox Business?
While new episodes are no longer being produced, some clips and segments from past episodes may be available online through Fox Business’s website or other streaming platforms.

4. How can I listen to Kennedy’s podcast?
“Kennedy Saves The World” is available on various podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Fox News Radio’s website.

5. Will Kennedy return to daily television?
While there are no current plans announced for Kennedy to return to a daily TV show, she continues to appear regularly on Fox News as a guest and panelist.

6. What topics does Kennedy cover in her podcast?
Her podcast covers a wide range of topics from politics and culture to personal stories and interviews with various guests.

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