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What Happened To Kiki Dee

What Happened To Kiki Dee

The Resilient Journey of Kiki Dee

The Resilient Journey of Kiki Dee

Introduction to Kiki Dee

Pauline Matthews, better known by her stage name Kiki Dee, is a distinguished English singer with a career spanning over six decades. Born on March 6, 1947, in Bradford, West Riding of Yorkshire, England, Kiki Dee has made significant contributions to the music industry with her soulful, blue-eyed soul vocals. She holds the notable distinction of being the first female singer from the UK to sign with the legendary Motown’s Tamla Records.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Kiki Dee’s passion for music was evident from a young age. At just 10 years old, she won a local talent contest, and by 16, she was performing professionally. Her early exposure to music through her brother’s Elvis Presley records significantly influenced her musical style. In 1963, at the age of 16, Dee moved to London after being discovered by a record scout, marking the beginning of her professional music career.

Breakthrough and Motown Signing

Despite her early start, Kiki Dee faced several challenges in gaining recognition in the UK music scene. Her initial singles did not chart, but her persistence paid off when she signed with Motown Records in 1970, becoming the first white British artist to do so. This groundbreaking move opened up new opportunities for her in the music industry.

Major Hits and Collaboration with Elton John

Kiki Dee’s career reached new heights in the mid-1970s when she signed with Elton John’s Rocket Record Company. Her singles “Amoureuse” and “I’ve Got the Music in Me” gained significant popularity. However, it was her duet with Elton John, “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart,” that catapulted her to international fame. The song topped the charts in both the UK and the US and became a defining moment in her career.

Recent Years and Challenges

In recent years, Kiki Dee has continued to make music and perform, although at a more subdued pace. She faced a setback when she tested positive for COVID-19, which led to the cancellation of several performances. Despite these challenges, she remains focused on her music, as evidenced by the release of her new studio album, “The Long Ride Home,” which she is eager to promote.

Personal Life

Outside of her music career, Kiki Dee’s personal life has piqued the interest of her fans. Despite various speculations and searches regarding her marital status, it is confirmed that Kiki Dee has never been married. She has always kept her personal relationships private, focusing primarily on her musical career.

Legacy and Influence

Kiki Dee’s influence on the music industry is undeniable. With a career that has spanned over 60 years, she has inspired countless artists with her resilience and dedication to her craft. Her pioneering signing with Motown and her chart-topping hits have secured her a place in music history.


Kiki Dee’s journey in the music industry is a testament to her talent and perseverance. From her early days in Bradford to her international success and recent challenges, she has remained a beloved and respected figure in the music world. As she continues to share her music with the world, her legacy as a pioneering and soulful artist endures.


What is Kiki Dee’s most famous song?
Kiki Dee’s most famous song is “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart,” a duet with Elton John, which topped the charts in the UK and the US.

Has Kiki Dee won any awards for her music?
While Kiki Dee has received several nominations throughout her career, including an Olivier Award nomination for her role in the musical “Blood Brothers,” she is yet to win a major music award.

What genre of music does Kiki Dee primarily perform?
Kiki Dee is best known for her blue-eyed soul music, but she has also performed pop and rock throughout her career.

Is Kiki Dee still performing?
Yes, Kiki Dee continues to perform, although her recent activities have been limited due to health concerns and the global pandemic.

How can fans keep up with Kiki Dee’s music and performances?
Fans can follow Kiki Dee on her official website and social media platforms for updates on her music and performance schedules.

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