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What Happened To Kimbo Slice

What Happened To Kimbo Slice

The Life and Legacy of Kimbo Slice

The Life and Legacy of Kimbo Slice

Introduction to a Street Legend

Kevin Ferguson, widely known as Kimbo Slice, was a figure who rose from the gritty underground street fighting scene to become a recognized name in the world of mixed martial arts (MMA) and boxing. Born on February 8, 1974, in Nassau, Bahamas, and later moving to the United States, Kimbo Slice became synonymous with raw, unfiltered combat sports prowess. His journey through life was one of dramatic highs and lows, marked by his sudden rise to fame and his untimely death on June 6, 2016, at the age of 42.

Early Life and Background

Kimbo’s early life in the Bahamas and subsequent move to Florida set the stage for a life marked by struggle and resilience. Raised primarily by his mother, Rosemary Clarke, alongside his brother Devon and sister Renea, Kimbo faced numerous challenges from a young age. His involvement in his first fight at the age of 13 was a precursor to his later life where he would become a formidable figure in street fighting. Despite these early signs of toughness, Kimbo was also deeply connected to his family, showing a softer side that belied his fearsome exterior.

Rise to Fame

Kimbo Slice first came into the public eye through recorded street fights circulated on the internet. These videos showcased his formidable fighting skills and earned him a reputation as a fearsome combatant. His transition from street brawling to organized MMA was marked by his debut in 2007, and he quickly became a popular figure in the sport. Despite mixed results in his fights, his persona and fighting style drew large audiences, both in arenas and online.

Challenges and Controversies

Kimbo’s career was not without its challenges and controversies. His move to professional MMA was met with skepticism by some purists who questioned the legitimacy of his street fighting background. Moreover, his foray into boxing between 2011 and 2013 was seen as an attempt to reinvent himself after mixed success in MMA. Despite these challenges, Kimbo continued to compete, driven by a relentless spirit and the need to provide for his family.

The Final Days

The last days of Kimbo Slice’s life were fraught with health issues. Suffering from heart problems exacerbated by high blood pressure, his condition deteriorated rapidly. His final fight in February 2016 against Dada 5000 was a taxing affair that took a visible toll on his health. Despite winning the fight, the physical cost was immense, and it was clear that his body was no longer able to cope with the rigors of combat sports.

Legacy and Impact

Kimbo Slice left behind a complex legacy. To the world, he was a fearsome fighter who could knock out opponents with his powerful punches. To his family, he was a loving father, son, and brother, who despite his tough exterior, possessed a deep well of kindness and compassion. His death was a significant loss to the combat sports community and his family, who continue to feel his absence profoundly.

Continuing the Slice Legacy

Kimbo’s influence extends beyond his death through his children, particularly Kevin Ferguson Jr., also known as “Baby Slice,” who has followed in his father’s footsteps into the world of MMA. The legacy of Kimbo Slice lives on through his family’s continued involvement in combat sports, ensuring that his spirit remains alive in the fighting community.


Kimbo Slice’s life story is a poignant tale of triumph and tragedy. From the streets of the Bahamas to the bright lights of the MMA world, his journey was one of dramatic contrasts. His legacy, marked by both his fearsome presence in the ring and his gentle giant persona outside of it, continues to resonate with those who knew him and fans around the world.


  • What was Kimbo Slice’s real name?
    Kimbo Slice’s real name was Kevin Ferguson.
  • How did Kimbo Slice become famous?
    He became famous through internet videos showcasing his street fights, which led to a professional career in mixed martial arts and boxing.
  • What caused Kimbo Slice’s death?
    Kimbo Slice died from heart failure, exacerbated by long-standing high blood pressure issues.
  • Did Kimbo Slice have any children who are fighters?
    Yes, his son Kevin Ferguson Jr., also known as “Baby Slice,” is also an MMA fighter.
  • What was Kimbo Slice’s most notable fight?
    One of his most notable fights was against Dada 5000 in Bellator 149, which was also his last fight.

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