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What Happened To Kirk Cousins

What Happened To Kirk Cousins

What Happened To Kirk Cousins

The Unfortunate Turn in Kirk Cousins’ Career

Minnesota Vikings’ quarterback Kirk Cousins has faced a significant setback this season following a severe injury. During a victorious game against the Green Bay Packers on October 29, 2023, Cousins suffered a torn Achilles tendon, an event that has dramatically altered his current NFL season and possibly his future career trajectory.

The Injury and Immediate Aftermath

While playing at Lambeau Field, Cousins experienced what is a nightmare for any athlete: a ruptured Achilles tendon. The injury was diagnosed almost instantaneously by Dr. Chris Coetzee, a renowned foot and ankle specialist, who was present at the game. The severity of the injury was such that Cousins underwent surgery just three days later to begin his recovery process. This injury has placed him on the injured reserve list, prematurely ending his season.

Despite the abrupt halt to his playing year, Cousins has expressed immense gratitude towards the medical team and the community for their support during this challenging time. His initial reactions were of disbelief and concern, pondering the longevity of his career in professional football. However, with time and reflection, Cousins has shown resilience, focusing on his recovery and the future.

Impact on the Vikings and Team Dynamics

In Cousins’ absence, the Vikings have had to re-strategize. Rookie Jaren Hall initially stepped in to fill Cousins’ shoes but suffered a concussion early on. This led to Joshua Dobbs taking over as quarterback after being acquired through a trade. Dobbs has performed commendably, securing crucial wins and holding a strong command over his new role, which has been pivotal for the Vikings as they navigate through the remainder of the season without their starting quarterback.

Cousins, meanwhile, has remained a supportive figure off the field. He continues to attend team meetings and contribute to game planning, providing guidance and support to Dobbs and the rest of the team. This involvement is a testament to his leadership and commitment to the team, despite his physical limitations.

Future Prospects and Career Considerations

Looking ahead, Cousins’ future with the Vikings remains uncertain. His contract is set to expire, and while there have been discussions about his return, nothing has been finalized. The injury has undoubtedly added a layer of complexity to these discussions. Cousins has expressed a strong desire to continue his career with the Vikings, emphasizing his attachment to the team and the community. However, he acknowledges that the decision is not solely in his hands and remains open to future possibilities.

The Vikings’ management has also kept their options open regarding Cousins’ future with the team. While they have expressed interest in retaining him, the dynamic nature of the NFL means that future decisions will depend on numerous factors, including Cousins’ recovery and the team’s performance under Dobbs’ leadership.

Community and Personal Resilience

The outpouring of support from fans and the community has been a silver lining for Cousins during this difficult time. His injury has shown him the depth of support he has, which has been heartening. Moreover, Cousins’ personal resilience and positive outlook have been evident. He has spoken about using this time to reflect, grow, and potentially come back stronger, viewing this setback not just as an end but as a new beginning.

As he navigates through his recovery, Cousins remains involved with the Vikings, eager to see how the season unfolds and to contribute in any way he can. His proactive involvement in team activities, even while injured, underscores his dedication and love for the game.


Kirk Cousins’ journey through injury, recovery, and uncertainty about his career future is a stark reminder of the precarious nature of professional sports. However, it also highlights the resilience and community support that athletes like Cousins experience. As the season progresses, all eyes will be on how this situation develops, both for Cousins and the Minnesota Vikings.


  • What injury did Kirk Cousins sustain?
    Kirk Cousins suffered a torn Achilles tendon.
  • Will Kirk Cousins play again this season?
    No, the injury has placed him on injured reserve for the remainder of the season.
  • Who is replacing Kirk Cousins as quarterback?
    Joshua Dobbs has taken over as the starting quarterback following Cousins’ injury.
  • Is Kirk Cousins planning to leave the Vikings?
    While his future with the team is uncertain, Cousins has expressed a desire to stay with the Vikings.
  • How has the team performed in Cousins’ absence?
    The Vikings have managed to secure wins under the leadership of Joshua Dobbs.
  • What is Cousins’ role with the team while he recovers?
    Cousins continues to attend team meetings and contribute to game planning, offering support and guidance.

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