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What Happened To Kristine Barnett

What Happened To Kristine Barnett

The Intriguing Case of Kristine Barnett

In the realm of true crime, few stories have captivated audiences like the perplexing case of Natalia Grace Barnett. The narrative took a public stage with the airing of ID’s docuseries “The Curious Case of Natalia Grace” on May 29, 2023. The series delved into the startling accusations from Natalia’s former adoptive parents, Michael and Kristine Barnett, who claimed that Natalia, originally from Ukraine, was masquerading as a child despite being an adult. They alleged that she had attempted to harm their family multiple times. This article explores the aftermath of these allegations, particularly focusing on Kristine Barnett’s side of the story and her current whereabouts.

Adoption and Alarming Allegations

Michael and Kristine Barnett welcomed Natalia into their home in 2010 through an emergency adoption. However, their new family life soon turned tumultuous with claims of Natalia exhibiting violent behavior. Michael Barnett shockingly recounted incidents where Natalia allegedly wielded a knife menacingly and attempted to poison Kristine. The situation reportedly became so dire that the Barnett family felt compelled to relocate to Canada in 2013, leaving Natalia in an apartment in Lafayette, Indiana.

The couple’s move led to a legal battle, with a petition filed in 2012 to adjust Natalia’s birth year from 2003 to 1989, suggesting she was an adult. Despite their separation and subsequent divorce, both Michael and Kristine maintained their allegations. However, by 2019, they faced charges of neglect in Indiana, leading to a high-profile court case that concluded with the dismissal of charges against Kristine in March 2023, shortly before her trial was due to commence.

Kristine Barnett’s Current Life and Defense

Following the tumultuous legal battles and public scrutiny, Kristine Barnett has resettled in Florida. In the wake of the docuseries “Natalia Speaks,” which aired in early 2024, Kristine took to social media to refute the claims made against her. She emphasized that Natalia was a cherished family member and denied any allegations of abuse. Kristine argued that the series was sensationalized and that investigations into the abuse claims had found them to be baseless.

In her detailed Facebook post, Kristine also addressed questions about her past legal troubles, confirming her brief incarceration related to the charges, which she stated were proven to be unfounded. She expressed her frustration over the ongoing public perception of guilt despite the legal vindication.

Natalia Grace’s Current Situation

As for Natalia, she continues to reside in Indiana. In 2019, she appeared on the “Dr. Phil” show with the Mans family, who had taken her in. The Mans defended Natalia’s character, describing her as loving and harmless to her siblings and nephew. This appearance added layers to the public’s understanding of Natalia, challenging the narrative constructed by the Barnetts.

Further complicating the narrative, a DNA test conducted in 2023 confirmed Natalia’s age to be 22, corroborating her claim of being a minor at the time the Barnetts left her. This revelation has led to continued debate and speculation about the true dynamics within the Barnett household during Natalia’s stay with them.

Conclusion: A Family Divided

The Barnett case remains a controversial and debated topic. Kristine Barnett’s acquittal and her statements post-trial reflect a woman determined to clear her name while grappling with the public narrative shaped by sensational media coverage. The complexities of this case, involving claims of deception, abuse, and legal battles, continue to evoke discussions about adoption, disability, and the justice system’s handling of such sensitive cases.


1. What were the charges against Kristine Barnett?
Kristine faced several counts of neglect, which were all dismissed in March 2023 due to insufficient evidence.

2. Where is Kristine Barnett now?
Kristine Barnett currently resides in Florida, where she continues to address the allegations against her and share her side of the story.

3. Did Kristine Barnett serve time in jail?
Kristine confirmed that she was booked into the Tippecanoe County Jail but stated that the charges against her were found to be false.

4. What is the current status of Natalia Grace?
Natalia Grace is still living in Indiana and was last known to be under the care of the Mans family, who appeared with her on the “Dr. Phil” show.

5. How did the public react to the docuseries?
The docuseries sparked widespread interest and debate, with viewers divided over the allegations and the Barnetts’ handling of the situation.

6. What is the significance of the DNA test mentioned?
The DNA test conducted in 2023 played a crucial role in verifying Natalia’s age, supporting her claim that she was a minor when the Barnetts abandoned her.

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