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What Happened To Lisa Kelly And Darrell Ward Trucking Company

What Happened To Lisa Kelly And Darrell Ward Trucking Company

What Happened To Lisa Kelly And Darrell Ward Trucking Company

The Journey of Lisa Kelly and Darrell Ward’s Trucking Company

Lisa Kelly, a name synonymous with the thrilling and perilous world of ice road trucking, has carved a niche for herself in a domain dominated predominantly by male truckers. Her journey through icy terrains was not just a career but a series of adventures that brought her into the limelight through the History Channel’s reality series, “Ice Road Truckers.” This show not only showcased her trucking skills but also her ability to handle extreme conditions that most would shy away from.

Born on December 8, 1980, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Lisa Kelly moved to Alaska at a young age, where she later embarked on her career in trucking after brief stints in various other jobs. Her unique career choice was driven by a blend of passion and curiosity, which later saw her becoming one of the most recognizable faces on “Ice Road Truckers.”

Early Career and Rise to Fame

Before her fame on television, Kelly worked in different capacities, including as a school bus driver and a motocross rider, which polished her driving skills. Her transition to ice road trucking was marked by her tenure at Carlile Transportation, an Alaskan haulage company. It was here that she honed her skills in handling heavy and oversized loads on some of the most dangerous roads in North America.

Her debut on “Ice Road Truckers” during its third season brought her skills and resilience into the public eye. Lisa Kelly’s ability to navigate the treacherous ice roads with precision and her calm demeanor under pressure won her many admirers and made her a staple on the show for multiple seasons.

Partnership with Darrell Ward

In a pivotal move in her career, Lisa Kelly teamed up with fellow trucker Darrell Ward during the ninth season of “Ice Road Truckers.” This partnership was not just about sharing the screen but also about sharing entrepreneurial spirits, as they went on to co-found their own trucking company. This venture was a significant step as it showcased their progression from being truck drivers to business owners.

Their collaboration, however, was tragically short-lived due to Darrell Ward’s untimely death in a plane crash in 2016. His passing was a massive blow to the trucking community and particularly to Lisa, who not only lost a business partner but a close friend. Despite the tragedy, Lisa continued to run the company, demonstrating her resilience and dedication to their shared vision.

Continuing the Legacy

After Darrell Ward’s death, Lisa found herself at a crossroads but chose to persevere, running the company they started together. She was later joined by Darrell’s son, Reno Ward, who stepped in to help sustain the business his father had loved. This transition marked a new chapter for the company, emphasizing not just business continuity but also family legacy.

Their company continued to operate, focusing on the values Darrell Ward championed: hard work, fairness, and a commitment to safety. Under their leadership, the company not only sustained its operations but also expanded, taking on new routes and challenges.

Impact and Influence

Lisa Kelly’s impact on the trucking industry goes beyond her television appearances. She is a role model for many, especially women who aspire to break into traditionally male-dominated fields. Her journey is a testament to the power of resilience and the importance of pursuing one’s passions relentlessly.

Moreover, her partnership with Darrell Ward and their subsequent business endeavors have left a lasting legacy in the trucking industry, inspiring many to pursue their dreams irrespective of the challenges they might face.


  • What is Lisa Kelly known for?
    Lisa Kelly is best known for her role as a trucker on the History Channel’s reality series “Ice Road Truckers” and its spinoff “IRT: Deadliest Roads.”
  • How did Lisa Kelly start her trucking career?
    She began her trucking career after working in various jobs, including as a school bus driver and motocross rider. She trained as a trucker and started driving for Carlile Transportation.
  • What happened to Lisa Kelly’s business partner, Darrell Ward?
    Darrell Ward tragically passed away in a plane crash in 2016.
  • Did Lisa Kelly continue the trucking business after Darrell Ward’s death?
    Yes, Lisa Kelly continued to run their trucking company after his death and was later joined by Darrell’s son, Reno Ward.
  • What legacy did Lisa Kelly and Darrell Ward leave in the trucking industry?
    They are remembered for their entrepreneurial spirit, commitment to safety, and for being inspirations to many in the trucking industry, particularly in encouraging more women to join the field.

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