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What Happened To Nickmercs

What Happened To Nickmercs

The Controversy Surrounding NICKMERCS and His Response

Recently, the gaming community has been abuzz with discussions about NICKMERCS, a prominent Twitch streamer known for his gameplay in titles like Call of Duty and Apex Legends. The controversy began with a tweet from NICKMERCS in response to a Pride Month event, which led to significant backlash and support, culminating in the removal of his in-game skin by Call of Duty. Here’s a detailed look at the events that unfolded.

Initial Tweet and Backlash

On June 7, 2023, NICKMERCS tweeted in response to a post about Pride Month being recognized at a school, which had led to a brawl and arrests. His tweet stated, “They should leave the little kids out of it. That’s the real issue.” This comment quickly sparked controversy, with many labeling the remark as anti-LGBTQ and akin to right-wing rhetoric that accuses LGBTQ+ individuals of inappropriate interactions with children. Critics argued that such statements contribute to harmful stereotypes and misinformation.

However, a segment of the gaming community and NICKMERCS’ followers defended his statement, suggesting that his recent experience as a new father might be influencing his perspective on parental rights in education.

Response and Streamer’s Clarification

Following the backlash, NICKMERCS addressed the issue during a live stream. He clarified that his tweet was not intended to be anti-LGBTQ but rather a comment on parental involvement in children’s education. He expressed regret for any hurt caused but refrained from issuing a direct apology for the tweet itself, maintaining that his comment was misunderstood.

Despite his explanation, the controversy had already gained momentum, leading to significant consequences for the streamer in terms of his partnership with Call of Duty.

Removal of NICKMERCS’ Operator Skin

Shortly after the incident, Activision, the publisher of Call of Duty, removed the NICKMERCS operator skin from their games, including Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2. The company issued a statement emphasizing their commitment to celebrating Pride with their community and employees, suggesting that the decision was in line with their values. This move by Activision sparked mixed reactions within the community, with some players threatening to boycott the game while others applauded the decision for upholding inclusive values.

Support from Fellow Streamers

In a show of solidarity, fellow streamer TimTheTatman requested that his own skin be removed from the game as well, citing the unfair treatment of his friend NICKMERCS. Activision complied with this request, further highlighting the ripple effects of the controversy within the streaming and gaming communities.

Despite the backlash and the removal of his skin, NICKMERCS experienced a surge in his following, gaining approximately 50,000 new Twitter followers. This increase suggests that the controversy may have boosted his visibility, attracting both supporters and critics.

NICKMERCS’ Return to Streaming

After a brief hiatus from social media, NICKMERCS announced his return to streaming, scheduled for June 19, 2023. His comeback stream was highly anticipated, with many wondering if he would address the controversy further or move forward from the incident. Upon his return, NICKMERCS reiterated his stance, standing by his initial tweet and expressing gratitude towards his supporters who stood by him during the challenging times.


The incident involving NICKMERCS highlights the complex interplay between personal beliefs, public statements, and professional consequences in the digital age. As public figures, streamers like NICKMERCS often face scrutiny for their online remarks, which can have immediate and far-reaching impacts on their careers and public perception. This situation serves as a reminder of the broader societal debates surrounding freedom of speech, responsibility, and the role of education in addressing sensitive topics like LGBTQ+ rights.


What did NICKMERCS tweet about?
NICKMERCS tweeted a response to a Pride Month event at a school, suggesting that children should be left out of such discussions, which sparked controversy.

How did Call of Duty respond to the controversy?
Call of Duty removed the NICKMERCS operator skin from their games, citing a focus on celebrating Pride with their community.

Did NICKMERCS apologize for his tweet?
NICKMERCS expressed regret for any hurt caused but did not issue a direct apology for the content of his tweet, stating that it was misunderstood.

What was the community’s reaction to the skin removal?
The community had mixed reactions, with some supporting Activision’s decision and others threatening to boycott the game.

Has NICKMERCS returned to streaming?
Yes, NICKMERCS returned to streaming on June 19, 2023, after briefly stepping away from social media.

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