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What Happened To Nicole Wallace On Msnbc

What Happened To Nicole Wallace On Msnbc

Nicolle Wallace’s New Chapter: Welcoming a Daughter and Returning to MSNBC

Nicolle Wallace’s New Chapter: Welcoming a Daughter and Returning to MSNBC

A Joyous Announcement from Nicolle Wallace

MSNBC’s renowned anchor, Nicolle Wallace, recently shared some heartwarming news with her viewers. On November 21, from the comfort of her home, Wallace announced the arrival of her daughter, Isabella Sloane Schmidt, affectionately known as Izzy. This addition to her family was made possible through surrogacy, a detail that Wallace and her husband, Michael S. Schmidt, chose to keep private until the right moment. The couple’s joy is palpable, especially as this marks their first child together.

Wallace, who first became a mother in 2012 to her son Liam with her former husband, Mark Wallace, expressed her delight and the mixed emotions of embracing motherhood at the age of 51. Despite the challenges, she remains grounded by the love for her family, which has always been her anchor. The news of baby Izzy’s arrival was a surprise to many fans, as Wallace had managed to keep the pregnancy under wraps, leading to various speculations about her absence from the network.

Temporary Departure and Return to MSNBC

During Wallace’s brief hiatus, Alicia Menendez stepped in to fill her shoes on “Deadline: White House.” Wallace’s absence was felt among her viewers, sparking curiosity and concern. However, she reassured her audience by making a special call-in announcement during the show, revealing the reason behind her absence and introducing her daughter to the world. Wallace’s transparency and the joy of her new family addition were warmly received by her audience.

Wallace’s return to MSNBC was eagerly anticipated by her fans. She resumed her role on December 5, 2023, with an exclusive interview with Liz Cheney, marking a significant moment on her show. Furthermore, Wallace announced the launch of a new series titled “American Autocracy,” aiming to delve into critical issues facing the nation. This series underscores her commitment to addressing pressing political challenges, despite her recent focus on family.

Professional Journey and Personal Life

Nicolle Wallace’s career has been marked by significant achievements and transitions. Before her prominent role at MSNBC, she served in the George W. Bush administration and was a senior advisor for John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign. Her insights and expertise have made “Deadline: White House,” which she has anchored since 2017, one of the top-rated programs on the network. The show’s expansion to two hours in 2020 is a testament to its success and Wallace’s compelling hosting capabilities.

On a personal note, Wallace’s life has been full of profound relationships and experiences. After her marriage to Mark Wallace ended in 2019, she found love again with Michael Schmidt, a fellow MSNBC contributor. The couple’s relationship blossomed on set and led to their marriage in April 2022. Together, they navigate the joys and challenges of their careers and personal lives, now enriched by the arrival of their daughter.

Viewer Reactions and Support

The response to Wallace’s announcement and her return to television was overwhelmingly positive. Fans expressed their congratulations and shared their excitement about both her new family member and her professional endeavors. Her ability to connect with her audience, even through personal milestones, highlights her relatability and the deep bond she has with her viewers, who she often regards as her extended family.

Despite the initial mystery surrounding her absence, Wallace’s straightforward and heartfelt revelation helped strengthen the trust and affection viewers have for her. Her openness about the challenges of motherhood at her age and the joy it brings her has resonated with many, further solidifying her role not just as a news anchor, but as a cherished public figure.


Nicolle Wallace’s journey through personal growth and professional dedication continues to inspire many. As she balances her roles as a mother and a prominent news anchor, her story offers a compelling look at the dynamics of modern family life and career. With the addition of baby Izzy and the launch of her new series, Wallace is set to continue making significant impacts both at home and on the airwaves.


  • When did Nicolle Wallace return to MSNBC after her maternity leave?
    Wallace returned to MSNBC on December 5, 2023, for a special interview and resumed her regular hosting duties on February 26, 2024.
  • What is the new series Nicolle Wallace announced?
    The new series is called “American Autocracy,” which focuses on the current political challenges and the state of democracy in the U.S.
  • Who filled in for Nicolle Wallace during her absence?
    Alicia Menendez filled in for Nicolle Wallace while she was on maternity leave.
  • How did Nicolle Wallace keep her daughter’s arrival a secret?
    Wallace and her husband chose to keep the surrogacy private and did not disclose the pregnancy publicly until the right moment.
  • How has Nicolle Wallace’s personal life influenced her career?
    Wallace’s personal experiences, including her family dynamics and relationships, have enriched her perspective and depth, enhancing her relatability and authenticity as a news anchor.

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