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What Happened To Nicole Wallace

What Happened To Nicole Wallace

Nicolle Wallace’s Joyful Family Addition

Nicolle Wallace’s Joyful Family Addition

MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace, a prominent figure in political commentary and host of “Deadline: White House,” recently shared some heartwarming personal news. On November 21, 2023, Wallace announced from her home that she and her husband, Michael S. Schmidt, had welcomed their first child together, a daughter named Isabella Sloane Schmidt, affectionately nicknamed Izzy. The couple chose to expand their family through surrogacy.

A Surprise Announcement

Wallace’s absence from her show had sparked curiosity and concern among her viewers. Alicia Menendez temporarily filled in, maintaining the show’s continuity. The mystery unraveled when Wallace made a virtual appearance to disclose the delightful reason behind her absence. She expressed her joy and surprise at the various theories fans had speculated during her time away. Wallace, at 51, embraced motherhood for the second time and shared her excitement and the challenges of being a new parent again.

Family Dynamics and Viewer Reactions

The addition of baby Izzy has brought new joy to the Wallace-Schmidt household. Wallace’s son, Liam, from her previous marriage, has shown great affection and a natural ability in caring for his new sister. The family’s dogs, however, are still adjusting to the new member. Wallace’s candid share on her family dynamics not only touched her viewers but also humanized her, bridging the gap between the anchor and her audience.

Viewers of “Deadline: White House” expressed their happiness and support for Wallace through social media, congratulating her on the new addition to her family. Her transparency and the heartfelt announcement helped strengthen the bond with her audience, who eagerly anticipate her return to television.

Professional Life and Maternity Leave

Wallace, who has been at the helm of “Deadline: White House” since 2017, saw the program expand to two hours in 2020. Her sharp political insights and engaging hosting style have significantly contributed to the show’s success. However, her recent maternity leave led to a temporary dip in ratings for the show, highlighting her pivotal role. Despite this, the support from her viewers remains strong, with many looking forward to her return and the continuation of her insightful political analysis.

During her leave, Wallace has been active on social media, sharing glimpses of her life as a mother and her interactions with her family, which has kept her connected with her audience. She announced her return to the show set for February 26, 2024, along with the launch of a new series titled “American Autocracy,” promising her viewers insightful discussions and analysis.

Personal and Professional Balancing Act

Balancing personal life with a demanding career is a challenge many face. Wallace’s situation is a relatable and inspiring story for professional women and men alike, demonstrating the possibility of managing both spheres with grace and efficiency. Her commitment to her family and her career provides a powerful role model for viewers and colleagues.

As Wallace prepares to return to her professional duties, the support from her family, colleagues, and viewers plays a crucial role in her transition back to the newsroom. Her journey underscores the importance of support systems in achieving work-life balance, especially in high-pressure careers.


  • When did Nicolle Wallace return to “Deadline: White House” after her maternity leave?
    Wallace returned to “Deadline: White House” on February 26, 2024.
  • Who filled in for Nicolle Wallace during her maternity leave?
    Alicia Menendez filled in for Nicolle Wallace during her maternity leave.
  • What is the new series Nicolle Wallace announced?
    The new series is called “American Autocracy,” focusing on current political dynamics.
  • How did the audience react to Nicolle Wallace’s maternity leave?
    The audience missed Wallace’s presence on the show, which was reflected in the temporary dip in ratings. However, they expressed support and understanding regarding her maternity leave.
  • Is Nicolle Wallace married?
    Yes, Nicolle Wallace is married to Michael S. Schmidt, an MSNBC contributor and journalist.
  • How has Nicolle Wallace’s family adjusted to the new baby?
    Wallace’s family, including her son Liam and their dogs, are adjusting well, with Liam showing a natural ability in caring for his new sister.

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