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What Happened To Peaches In Snowfall

What Happened To Peaches In Snowfall

The Tragic Tale of Peaches in Snowfall

The Tragic Tale of Peaches in Snowfall

DeJohn “Peaches” Hill, a character introduced in the second season of the critically acclaimed series “Snowfall,” is a poignant example of the complex human stories woven into the fabric of the show. A Vietnam War veteran turned enforcer and bodyguard, Peaches’ journey through the series is marked by loyalty, betrayal, and tragedy, culminating in a dramatic and fatal conclusion.

From War Veteran to Franklin’s Enforcer

Peaches, whose real name is revealed as DeJohn Hill in the fifth season, initially enters the narrative as a friend and ally to Jerome Saint. His nickname, “Peaches,” stems from his time in Vietnam where, according to his war buddy Kit, it was all he ate. His military skills and loyalty make him an invaluable addition to Franklin Saint’s operations, primarily serving as a protector and occasionally as Franklin’s driver.

Throughout his tenure with Franklin’s crew, Peaches proves his worth time and again, demonstrating both his capability and reliability. His role is crucial during several key operations, including the ill-fated ambush against rival gang leader Skully, which ultimately fails due to premature actions by another gang member.

A Turn Towards Betrayal

The turning point for Peaches comes after a series of events that shake his moral foundation. The murder of Rob in the desert by Franklin, under the suspicion of cocaine addiction, deeply affects Peaches. He begins to question his loyalty and the ethical implications of their business. This introspection leads him to strike a clandestine deal with Kane Hamilton, aiming to dismantle Franklin’s empire from within by stealing a significant stash of money and fleeing the country.

However, his plan to escape the life of crime does not go unnoticed. Peaches is eventually discovered in a decrepit crack house in Monrovia by a character known as Top Notch. Franklin, seeking retribution for the betrayal, tracks him down and confronts him, leading to Peaches’ tragic demise. Franklin learns that Peaches had nearly exhausted the funds he had stolen, a revelation that adds a layer of futility to his tragic end.

The Legacy of a Fallen Soldier

Peaches’ story arc in “Snowfall” serves as a grim reminder of the personal costs of the drug trade. His initial loyalty and subsequent betrayal highlight the complex dynamics within Franklin’s organization and underscore the precarious nature of trust in a world riddled with crime and violence. Peaches knew the inner workings of the operation intimately, a fact that made his betrayal all the more impactful.

Despite his flaws and final actions, Peaches’ character remains a tragic figure, caught between his past as a war veteran, his loyalty to his friends, and his desperate final act to escape a life he no longer believed in. His death not only serves as a pivotal moment for the narrative but also as a commentary on the destructive nature of the drug trade and its ability to corrupt and destroy lives.


The character of Peaches in “Snowfall” encapsulates the tragedy of a man who, despite his best efforts to forge a new path, is ultimately consumed by the world he tries to escape. His journey from a respected war veteran to a key player in Franklin’s criminal empire, and finally to a tragic figure, reflects the broader themes of the series—themes of power, betrayal, and redemption. Peaches’ story is a stark reminder of the human cost of crime and the often irreversible path of destruction it leaves in its wake.


Who was Peaches in Snowfall?
Peaches, whose real name is DeJohn Hill, was a character in the TV series “Snowfall.” He was a Vietnam War veteran who worked as an enforcer and bodyguard for Franklin Saint’s drug operation.

Why did Peaches betray Franklin?
Peaches betrayed Franklin after becoming disillusioned with the violence and moral compromises of their business. He was particularly disturbed after Franklin killed Rob, leading him to collaborate with Kane Hamilton in an attempt to overthrow Franklin.

How did Peaches die?
Peaches was killed by Franklin after being found in a crack house in Monrovia. Franklin was seeking revenge for Peaches’ betrayal and theft of a significant amount of money.

What does Peaches’ story symbolize in Snowfall?
Peaches’ story symbolizes the tragic consequences of the drug trade, highlighting themes of loyalty, betrayal, and the personal toll of criminal life.

Was Peaches a real person?
No, Peaches is a fictional character created for the TV series “Snowfall,” which explores the early days of the crack cocaine epidemic in Los Angeles during the 1980s.

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