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What Happened To Rob Kardashian

What Happened To Rob Kardashian

What Happened To Rob Kardashian

Rob Kardashian: A Journey from Spotlight to Privacy

Rob Kardashian, once a prominent figure on the reality TV show “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” has significantly retreated from the public eye. Unlike his sisters Kim, Khloé, Kourtney, Kendall, and Kylie, who continue to thrive in the limelight, Rob has chosen a quieter life, focusing primarily on fatherhood and personal well-being.

Stepping Back from the Spotlight

After the conclusion of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” in 2021, and its subsequent reboot as “The Kardashians” on Hulu in 2022, Rob has maintained a low profile. His appearances on the new show are sparse, often limited to brief cameos, such as a phone conversation during an episode where his mother, Kris Jenner, sought his advice on a personal matter. This marked one of his rare participations, highlighting his preference to stay out of the spotlight.

Rob’s retreat from public life is a stark contrast to his earlier years on the reality show, where his personal struggles and relationships, including those with Adrienne Bailon and Blac Chyna, were prominently featured. Over time, Rob’s inclination towards privacy grew, leading him to step away from the constant media exposure that comes with being part of the Kardashian-Jenner family.

Focus on Fatherhood and Business

Rob’s primary focus has been his daughter, Dream Renée Kardashian, whom he shares with his ex-girlfriend Blac Chyna. Despite their tumultuous relationship and public split, Rob and Chyna have reached a co-parenting arrangement that prioritizes their daughter’s well-being. Rob’s dedication to his daughter is evident, as he often shares moments with her on his social media, portraying the strong bond they share.

In addition to his role as a father, Rob has also been involved in various business ventures. He continues to manage his sock company, Arthur George, and other business interests despite facing financial challenges in the past, which required intervention from his mother to keep the business afloat. These endeavors contribute to his net worth, which remains substantial despite his reduced public presence.

Living a Healthier Lifestyle

Rob’s health has been a significant concern over the years, with a public battle against weight gain and a diabetes diagnosis. These health challenges have led him to adopt a healthier lifestyle, focusing on diet and exercise, often with the support of his family. His efforts towards better health have been largely private, aligning with his overall retreat from public life.

Despite his withdrawal from the public eye, Rob occasionally surfaces in discussions about potential returns to reality TV. His sister Khloé Kardashian has mentioned that Rob has considered returning to “The Kardashians” show, suggesting that he might not have completely closed the door on his reality TV career. However, any decision to return would likely be carefully weighed against his personal comfort and the well-being of his daughter.


Rob Kardashian’s journey from a reality TV star to a more reserved, private individual reflects his personal choices and the challenges he has faced. While he may no longer be a regular fixture in the media, his efforts as a father and entrepreneur continue to define his path. Whether or not he will make a full return to public life remains uncertain, but it is clear that his priorities have shifted towards a quieter, more fulfilling life away from the constant scrutiny of fame.


  • Why did Rob Kardashian leave “Keeping Up With the Kardashians”?
    Rob left the show due to his increasing discomfort with the public scrutiny and the impact it had on his mental and physical health.
  • What businesses does Rob Kardashian own?
    Rob owns a sock company named Arthur George, among other business ventures.
  • How is Rob Kardashian’s relationship with his ex, Blac Chyna?
    Rob and Blac Chyna co-parent their daughter Dream and have worked towards establishing a stable co-parenting relationship.
  • Will Rob Kardashian return to reality TV?
    While he has stepped back significantly, his sister Khloé mentioned that he might consider returning to “The Kardashians” show in the future.
  • How does Rob Kardashian manage his health?
    Rob has made significant lifestyle changes, including diet and exercise, to manage his diabetes and overall health.

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