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What Happened To Ron White

What Happened To Ron White

The Journey of Ron White: From Stand-Up to Retirement

The Journey of Ron White: From Stand-Up to Retirement

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Ron White, born on December 18, 1956, in Fritch, Texas, embarked on a journey that would lead him to become one of America’s most beloved stand-up comedians. His early life was marked by a stint in the U.S. Navy, serving on the USS Conserver towards the end of the Vietnam War. Post-military, White’s adventurous spirit took him to Mexico where he briefly owned a pottery factory before returning to the United States to pursue comedy full-time.

Rise to Fame with the Blue Collar Comedy Tour

White’s breakthrough came in 2000 when he joined the Blue Collar Comedy Tour alongside Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, and Larry the Cable Guy. This collaboration proved to be a monumental success, touring across more than 90 cities and grossing over $15 million. White’s unique style of country comedy, combined with his penchant for Scotch and cigars, resonated deeply with audiences, cementing his status as a comedy powerhouse.

Television and Film Appearances

Following his success on the comedy tour, White made several appearances on television and film. He was featured in shows like ‘Kath & Kim’ and ‘Reno 911!’, and movies such as ‘Sex and the City 2’ and ‘Horrible Bosses’. White also tried his hand at producing with the documentary ‘Bridegroom’ in 2013, showcasing his versatility within the entertainment industry.

Personal Life and Ventures

Offstage, White’s personal life has seen its fair share of ups and downs. He has been married three times, with each marriage ending in divorce. His most recent marriage to singer Margo Rey ended in 2017, with a contentious legal battle over the legitimacy of their marriage. Despite these challenges, White has continued to thrive professionally.

In 2010, he co-founded the Organica Music Group with producer Michael Blakey, aimed at promoting both emerging and established artists. This venture reflects White’s deep-rooted love for music and his desire to give back to the entertainment community.

Retirement Announcements and Continued Tours

White announced his retirement from stand-up comedy in early 2020, planning to conclude his career with a final show on New Year’s Eve. However, the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted these plans, leading to a temporary pause in his farewell tour. Despite this setback, White resumed touring in 2021 and has continued to perform, with tour dates scheduled into 2024.

Legacy and Impact

Ron White’s impact on comedy is indelible. Known affectionately as “Tater Salad,” he has delighted audiences with his sharp wit and relatable humor for over four decades. His contributions were officially recognized in 2009 when the State of Texas declared April 27 as “Ron White Day.” Additionally, his efforts to support wounded soldiers and hurricane relief through benefit shows highlight his philanthropic spirit.


As Ron White approaches the twilight of his career, his legacy as a comedian and philanthropist remains firmly intact. While he may be stepping back from the limelight, his influence on the world of comedy and his contributions to various causes will continue to resonate with fans and peers alike.


What is Ron White’s most famous joke?
Ron White is best known for his “Tater Salad” joke, which has become synonymous with his comedic persona.

Why did Ron White decide to retire?
White expressed a desire to retire while he was still enjoying the art of stand-up, wanting to end on a high note after a successful career.

What are some of Ron White’s notable achievements?
Besides his success on the Blue Collar Comedy Tour, White has been nominated for Grammy Awards and has had his own day declared in Texas.

Has Ron White written any books?
Yes, Ron White is the author of “I Had the Right to Remain Silent But I Didn’t Have the Ability,” which appeared on the New York Times best seller list.

What does Ron White do outside of comedy?
White is involved in music production through his company, Organica Music Group, and participates in various charitable activities.

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