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What Happened To Severide On Chicago Fire

What Happened To Severide On Chicago Fire

What Happened To Severide On Chicago Fire

Exploring Kelly Severide’s Journey in Chicago Fire Season 12

The character Kelly Severide, portrayed by Taylor Kinney, has been a central figure in NBC’s hit series “Chicago Fire.” As Season 12 unfolds, fans of the show have been keenly following Severide’s storyline, which has seen significant developments affecting both his professional and personal life.

Severide’s Temporary Departure

In the early episodes of Season 12, Severide takes on a new challenge that temporarily pulls him away from Chicago. Accepting a complex arson case in Tucson, Arizona, Severide leaves behind his duties at Firehouse 51, as well as his wife, Stella Kidd, played by Miranda Rae Mayo. This decision comes after a tumultuous period in their relationship, marked by communication breakdowns and trust issues that were highlighted in the previous season.

Stella, understanding the importance of the case and Severide’s passion for arson investigation, supports his decision to leave, albeit with reservations. Their relationship, still recovering from past strains, faces a new test as they navigate this long-distance phase. The couple maintains communication, a marked improvement from Severide’s previous disappearance, which helps to slowly rebuild their trust.

Impact on Personal Relationships

Severide’s commitment to his arson investigation not only tests his relationship with Stella but also affects his interactions with his colleagues at Firehouse 51. Joe Cruz, portrayed by Joe Miñoso, steps up as the interim lieutenant in Severide’s absence, which stirs up mixed feelings given their history and Severide’s sudden departures.

The dynamics at the firehouse are further complicated when Severide contemplates a permanent move to the Office of Fire Investigation (OFI), a safer but significant shift from his current role. This potential change sparks conversations about the future, career transitions, and the balance between professional ambitions and personal commitments.

Severide’s Return and Future Uncertainties

Severide’s return to Chicago in Episode 6 of Season 12 brings a mix of relief and new tensions. While his physical presence soothes some of Stella’s anxieties, the underlying issues in their marriage remain. The couple faces the challenge of navigating Severide’s deep involvement in his work, which, while commendable, often distances him emotionally from Stella.

The possibility of Severide taking on a more permanent role at OFI looms over their future, raising questions about how this will affect their relationship and Severide’s connection with Firehouse 51. His passion for arson investigation continues to be a double-edged sword, offering fulfillment and purpose at the cost of personal sacrifices.


Kelly Severide’s journey through Season 12 of “Chicago Fire” reflects a complex blend of professional dedication and personal turmoil. As he navigates the demands of his career and the intricacies of his relationships, viewers are left wondering how he will balance these aspects of his life. The character’s development continues to engage fans, leaving them eager to see how his decisions will impact his future at the firehouse and with Stella.


Why did Severide leave Chicago in Season 12?
Severide left Chicago to take on a challenging arson case in Tucson, Arizona, temporarily leaving his duties at Firehouse 51.

What challenges does Severide face in his personal life?
Severide’s commitment to his work often strains his relationship with his wife, Stella, particularly concerning trust and communication.

Is Severide considering a permanent role at OFI?
Yes, Severide contemplates moving to the Office of Fire Investigation full-time, which would be safer and less demanding in terms of travel.

How does Severide’s absence affect his colleagues?
Joe Cruz, in particular, feels the impact of Severide’s absence as he steps up as interim lieutenant, a role that brings its own set of challenges and responsibilities.

Will Severide’s decisions impact his marriage with Stella?
Severide’s career choices, especially his deep involvement in arson cases, continue to pose challenges for his marriage, requiring both him and Stella to find a balance between his professional pursuits and their personal life.

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