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What Happened To Steve Harvey Wife

What Happened To Steve Harvey Wife

Steve Harvey’s Wife: Addressing the Rumors and Celebrating Their Bond

Steve Harvey’s Wife: Addressing the Rumors and Celebrating Their Bond

Steve Harvey, the renowned host of “Family Feud,” has recently taken a firm stand against the negative rumors circulating about his wife, Marjorie Harvey. In a heartfelt defense, he has openly praised Marjorie as one of the finest women he has ever met, emphasizing her significant role in his life and their shared journey of success.

Dispelling the Rumors

During a segment on his radio show, Steve Harvey FM, Steve addressed the ongoing speculation about Marjorie’s involvement in his previous marriage. He clarified that Marjorie was not a part of his life during his earlier marriage, which ended in 2005. By setting the record straight, Steve aims to quash the baseless narratives that have woven their way into public discourse.

Furthermore, Steve has been vocal about the strength of their relationship, which has only grown stronger in the face of adversity. He expressed gratitude towards those who have inadvertently solidified their bond through their attempts to create discord. This unity, according to Steve, proves that the couple is unbreakable and deeply committed to each other.

Marjorie’s Integrity and Contribution

Steve also took the opportunity to highlight Marjorie’s integrity and her contributions to their life together. Contrary to the claims that she was with him for his wealth and fame, Steve recounted the early days of their relationship when they had little. He credits Marjorie with being a pivotal part of building their life together, emphasizing that her intentions have always been pure and driven by genuine love and partnership.

The couple’s relationship faced public scrutiny again when rumors of infidelity surfaced. Both Steve and Marjorie addressed these allegations head-on at Invest Fest 2023, where Steve reassured the audience of their marital stability, and Marjorie turned to social media to refute the claims, promoting strength and resilience in the face of false accusations.

Public Support and Personal Reflections

The support for Steve and Marjorie isn’t limited to their personal affirmations. Public figures and friends, like Nigerian politician Ned Nwoko, have come forward to vouch for the couple’s stability and happiness, dismissing the rumors as baseless. This public endorsement underscores the couple’s well-regarded status among their peers and fans alike.

Steve’s approach to public scrutiny is to focus on positivity and motivation, a stance that is reflected in his handling of social media controversies and his public appearances. Despite a brief moment of negativity related to a social media post, Steve continues to advocate for positivity and personal growth, both in his career and personal life.

The Journey of Steve and Marjorie Harvey

Steve and Marjorie’s journey together began long before their marriage in 2007. Having first met in 1990, their early interactions set the stage for a later reunion that would lead to a lasting union. Their marriage marked the blending of their families and has been characterized by mutual support, respect, and deep friendship.

The couple not only shares a personal life but also professional endeavors, such as their joint charitable activities through The Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation. Their commitment to philanthropy and community service is a testament to their shared values and dedication to making a positive impact.


Steve Harvey’s spirited defense of his wife and their proactive approach to addressing rumors reflect their strong foundation and mutual respect. As they continue to navigate the challenges and joys of their life together, the couple remains a symbol of enduring partnership in the public eye.


  • How long have Steve and Marjorie Harvey been married?
    Steve and Marjorie Harvey have been married since 2007.
  • Did Marjorie Harvey have any involvement in Steve Harvey’s previous marriages?
    No, Steve Harvey has clarified that Marjorie was not involved in his previous marriages and that they only got together after his divorce in 2005.
  • What are some of the rumors that have been spread about Marjorie Harvey?
    Rumors have included unfounded allegations of infidelity and claims that she was involved in Steve’s previous marriages.
  • How have Steve and Marjorie Harvey addressed the rumors?
    They have both publicly refuted the rumors, with Steve addressing them on his radio show and Marjorie using social media to speak out against the false accusations.
  • What charitable work do Steve and Marjorie Harvey do together?
    They run The Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation, which focuses on youth education and providing resources for underprivileged communities.

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