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What Happened To Taylor'S Brother On Southern Charm

What Happened To Taylor’S Brother On Southern Charm

Tragic Loss in the Southern Charm Family: The Passing of Taylor’s Brother, Worth Green

Tragic Loss in the Southern Charm Family: The Passing of Taylor’s Brother, Worth Green

The Southern Charm community and its viewers experienced a profound loss with the passing of Worth Green, the brother of cast member Taylor Ann Green, in June 2023. Worth Green, who had appeared in several episodes of the show’s ninth season, was known for his vibrant personality and deep love for his family and friends.

Who Was Worth Green?

Worth Green, full name Richard Worthington Green, was a beloved figure both within and outside of the Southern Charm circle. Born in Asheville, North Carolina, he was the eldest son of Richard C. “Rick” and Leslie Dark Green. Worth was not just a brother to Taylor and Catie King but also a cherished son, partner, and friend to many. His life was marked by his outgoing nature and his commitment to living fully and passionately.

After graduating from East Carolina University in 2009, Worth ventured abroad to South Korea, where he taught English. His love for travel and adventure was evident in his stories and the joy he took in exploring new places. Worth was also deeply involved in his community, recently starting a men’s group in Raleigh to foster spiritual growth and camaraderie.

The Circumstances of His Passing

Worth Green passed away unexpectedly in his sleep on June 8, 2023, at the age of 36. The news of his death was first shared by his sister Catie King on Instagram, followed by a heartfelt statement from Taylor to People magazine. In her tribute, Taylor expressed her devastation and the comfort she found in knowing her brother had lived a life full of passion and love.

The family held a funeral for Worth at Nebo Crossing Church in Marion, North Carolina, and in lieu of flowers, they requested donations to Terra Firma Floors, reflecting Worth’s ongoing concern for global issues and his desire to make a tangible difference in the world.

Worth’s Impact and Legacy

Worth’s sudden departure left a void in the lives of those who knew him. Known for his infectious laugh and jovial nature, he was a source of joy and support to his family and friends. His relationship with his girlfriend, Caroline Evans, was a testament to his loving nature, and plans for their future together were tragically cut short.

Taylor’s Instagram tribute poignantly captured the essence of who Worth was—a man of faith, love, and unbridled enthusiasm for life. Her posts included photos and videos that celebrated his life and the indelible mark he left on those around him.

Reflections from Southern Charm Cast and Beyond

The Southern Charm community has shown immense support for Taylor during this challenging time. Shep Rose, Taylor’s ex-boyfriend and fellow cast member, remembered Worth as a unique and delightful individual whose presence was a blessing. The reality show, which captures the lives of Charleston’s socialites, provided a platform for viewers to briefly meet Worth, showcasing his supportive and loving nature towards his sister Taylor.

Moreover, Taylor’s co-star Olivia Flowers, who had also recently experienced the loss of a sibling, provided comfort and understanding, highlighting the unexpected and painful bond they now shared.

Continuing His Memory

As Southern Charm continues to air, the memory of Worth Green remains alive not only through the show but also through the actions and words of his family and friends. His life’s story is a reminder of the impact one individual can have on a community and the importance of living fully with kindness and enthusiasm.

The legacy of Worth Green will undoubtedly continue to influence and inspire all who knew him, as they carry forward his love for life and his commitment to making a difference.


  • How did Taylor’s brother Worth Green die?
    Worth Green passed away in his sleep on June 8, 2023, at the age of 36.
  • What was Worth Green’s profession?
    Worth was an English teacher and had taught in South Korea. He was also deeply involved in community and spiritual groups.
  • How did the Southern Charm community react to Worth’s death?
    The community and cast members expressed deep sorrow and support for Taylor and her family, reflecting on Worth’s positive impact and vibrant personality.
  • Did Worth Green appear on Southern Charm?
    Yes, Worth appeared in several episodes of Southern Charm’s ninth season, offering support and advice to his sister Taylor.
  • What can people do to honor Worth Green’s memory?
    The family requested donations to Terra Firma Floors in lieu of flowers to honor Worth’s commitment to helping others.

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