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What Happened To The Original Jake From State Farm

What Happened To The Original Jake From State Farm

The Evolution of Jake from State Farm: From Real Agent to Pop Culture Icon

The Evolution of Jake from State Farm: From Real Agent to Pop Culture Icon

The Birth of a Cultural Phenomenon

In the early 2010s, a seemingly ordinary commercial by State Farm transformed into a cultural phenomenon. The ad, which first aired in 2011, featured a husband speaking on the phone late at night, only to be interrogated by his suspicious wife. The punchline delivered by the man on the other end, “Uh, khakis,” along with his mundane attire, sparked widespread amusement. This character, known as Jake from State Farm, quickly ascended to become one of the most recognizable figures in advertising, joining the ranks of other iconic mascots like Progressive’s Flo and the GEICO Gecko.

Who Was the Original Jake from State Farm?

The original Jake from State Farm was portrayed by Jake Stone, a real-life employee of State Farm in Bloomington, Illinois. Stone was not a professional actor; he landed the role after responding to an internal casting call at State Farm. His authentic portrayal and the quirky humor of the commercial won over audiences, making both Jake and his khakis a subject of conversation across the nation. Despite the commercial’s success, Stone continued his work at State Farm and maintained a part-time job as a bartender, embodying the everyman appeal that made his character so relatable.

Transition to a New Jake

As the character of Jake from State Farm grew in popularity, State Farm decided to take the campaign further. In 2020, they reintroduced Jake, this time played by professional actor Kevin Miles. This decision was driven by the desire to expand the role beyond a single line and to feature Jake in more complex and frequent advertising narratives. Miles brought a new dynamic to the character, appearing alongside celebrities and athletes, and engaging more actively on social media platforms.

Passing the Torch

The transition from Stone to Miles was marked by a symbolic passing of the torch. In a clever nod to the original ad, Stone made a cameo appearance in a 2020 commercial, humorously acknowledging the recasting. This moment was not only a tribute to the legacy of the original Jake but also a way to introduce Miles to the audience as the new face of the campaign.

Impact on the Original Jake

Despite stepping away from the limelight, Jake Stone has expressed that his stint as Jake from State Farm had a lasting impact on his life, boosting his confidence and leaving him with fond memories of an unexpected brush with fame. Stone has since continued his career outside of acting, focusing on his family and work as a bartender, where he still occasionally encounters fans of the commercial.

Kevin Miles as the New Jake

Since taking over the role, Kevin Miles has become a prominent figure in State Farm’s marketing strategy. His portrayal of Jake has been featured in various high-profile advertising campaigns, including collaborations with sports stars and other celebrities. Miles’ background in acting and his charismatic presence have allowed him to expand the role of Jake from State Farm into new and exciting directions.


The character of Jake from State Farm illustrates how a simple ad can evolve into a significant cultural touchstone. From Jake Stone’s everyman appeal to Kevin Miles’ charismatic interpretation, Jake from State Farm continues to be a staple of State Farm’s branding, demonstrating the power of relatability and humor in advertising.


Who was the original Jake from State Farm?
Jake Stone, a real-life State Farm employee, was the original actor for Jake from State Farm.

Why was Jake from State Farm recast?
State Farm wanted to expand the character’s role in their advertising, requiring a professional actor who could handle a more demanding schedule.

Who plays the new Jake from State Farm?
Kevin Miles, a professional actor, took over the role in 2020.

Did the original Jake from State Farm appear in any commercials after the recast?
Yes, Jake Stone made a cameo in a 2020 commercial to pass the torch to Kevin Miles.

What does Jake Stone do now?
As of 2023, Jake Stone works as a bartender and lives with his family in Illinois.

How has the role of Jake from State Farm changed over the years?
The role has expanded significantly, with the new Jake engaging in more dynamic and frequent advertising campaigns, including appearances with celebrities and on social media.

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