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What Happened To Zach Bryan'S Dad

What Happened To Zach Bryan’S Dad

The Life and Influence of Zach Bryan’s Father, Dewayne Bryan

Zach Bryan, a Grammy-nominated artist, often attributes his deep emotional and musical roots to his family, particularly his parents, Dewayne and Annette Bryan. Both veterans of the U.S. Navy, they provided a foundation that has significantly influenced Zach’s music and personal ethos. This article delves into the life of Dewayne Bryan, exploring his role not only as a father but also as a significant influence in Zach’s burgeoning music career.

Early Life and Military Service

Dewayne Bryan, alongside his wife Annette, raised their family with a strong military background. Stationed overseas in Japan, where Zach was born, Dewayne served as a master chief in the U.S. Navy. The family later relocated to Oologah, Oklahoma, which became a pivotal place for Zach, shaping much of his musical narrative that fans admire today. After his service, Dewayne continued to work in roles that supported his community, including at Oklahoma State University as a 1st Class Engineer.

His commitment to service didn’t end with the military; Dewayne has been actively involved in property and transport management through his business ventures, Bryan and Son’s Property and Bryan and Son’s Transport. His life post-military encapsulates a blend of community service and entrepreneurship, setting a robust example for his children.

Supporting Zach’s Music Career

Dewayne’s support for Zach’s music career is palpable. He is often seen at Zach’s concerts, hosting block parties and tailgates, which have become a staple for fans attending the shows. His engagement extends beyond mere attendance; Dewayne interacts with fans and shares his love for music, often promoting local artists and helping to foster a community around his son’s career. This active participation has made him a beloved figure among Zach’s fanbase, further cementing the familial influence in Zach’s music.

Moreover, Dewayne’s own musical interests and his support for local talent in Oklahoma highlight a shared passion with Zach, suggesting that music has always been a significant part of the Bryan family’s life. This shared interest has undoubtedly influenced Zach, who has often spoken about the therapeutic nature of music in his life.

Personal Challenges and Triumphs

The Bryan family has faced its share of challenges, notably the loss of Zach’s mother, Annette, in 2016. Dewayne’s resilience in the face of personal adversity, managing to keep the family together and support his children’s ambitions, speaks volumes about his character. This strength has been mirrored in Zach’s music, which often touches on themes of loss, resilience, and hope.

Additionally, Dewayne’s commitment to community service is evident in his efforts to raise awareness and funds for cancer and special education through his annual “Dad’s Walk” across Oklahoma. This initiative not only honors his father, who died of lung cancer, but also highlights Dewayne’s ongoing commitment to service, a value he has instilled in his children.

Legacy and Influence

Dewayne Bryan’s influence on Zach is multifaceted, extending from personal support to professional engagement in his music career. His life story of service, both in the military and community, and his active role in Zach’s life provide a strong foundation that continues to inspire Zach’s music and personal ethos.

As Zach continues to navigate the heights of his music career, the values imparted by Dewayne—resilience, community service, and a deep love for music—remain evident. This enduring legacy is not only a testament to Dewayne’s impact as a father but also as a pivotal figure in the broader narrative of Zach Bryan’s music journey.


  1. What does Dewayne Bryan do for a living?
    Dewayne Bryan has been involved in various ventures, including managing Bryan and Son’s Property and Bryan and Son’s Transport. He also worked as a 1st Class Engineer at Oklahoma State University.
  2. How does Dewayne support Zach’s music career?
    Dewayne is actively involved in promoting Zach’s music by hosting tailgates and block parties at concerts, interacting with fans, and supporting local musicians in Oklahoma.
  3. What is “Dad’s Walk”?
    “Dad’s Walk” is an initiative started by Dewayne Bryan to raise awareness and funds for cancer and special education. He walks across Oklahoma annually, honoring his father and supporting local charities.
  4. How did Dewayne Bryan influence Zach’s music?
    Dewayne’s support and the values he instilled in Zach, such as resilience and community service, are reflected in the themes of Zach’s music. His active involvement in Zach’s career also provides a strong support system.
  5. Did Dewayne serve in the military?
    Yes, Dewayne Bryan served as a master chief in the U.S. Navy before retiring and settling in Oklahoma.

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