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Where to Watch the Documentary on the Death of Alejandro Cohn

The documentary is narrated by Antonio Banderas, Oscar Martínez, Luis Brandoni, and Guillermo Francella.

“Brothers, a story of blood” is the first documentary by Carlos de Elía, the creator of TN and historic news director of El trece, about the death of Alejandro Cohn. It can now be seen in streaming and soon on the signal TNT.

It can be seen exclusively on demand on Flow starting Monday, April 8, in Max from April 23, and on TNT on Friday, April 26 at 10 p.m.

What is “Brothers, a story of blood” about? This documentary stars the eldest Cohn, his parents, experts, doctors, and witnesses to the events. It tells of the mysterious death of Alejandro Cohn, and his brother Mariano’s search for justice – one of the most important film directors in the Spanish-speaking world. As he set out to unravel the mystery that began with Alejandro entering the San Isidro hospital and ended with his death, two days later, without anyone being able to explain it, at the Italian hospital in Buenos Aires.

“Brothers, a story of blood” is narrated by Antonio Banderas, Oscar Martinez, Luis Brandoni, and William Francella. It is worth noting that today, April 16, almost 9 years after the event and 8 days after the premiere, the long-awaited oral trial finally began in the San Isidro courts.

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