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Which Netflix animated movie with a lovable character has quickly become one of the most-watched films shortly after its release?

In the competitive world of Netflix making a newcomer film stand out among the most viewed is quite a challenge. That’s why it’s surprising when a production manages to do it in just one day.

“Woody Woodpecker goes camping” has reached the position of the most popular film on the platform, surpassing in record time “Fabricante de Lágrimas,” which held first place.

Synopsis of Woody Woodpecker Goes Camping, the Netflix animated film that is all the rage

After being expelled from the forest, Woody Woodpecker finds refuge in the Camp Woo Hoo. It seemed like he had finally left his problems behind, but just when everything seemed to be calm, an inspector threatens to close his new home.

Trailer for Woody Woodpecker Goes Camping

Cast of Woody Woodpecker goes camping:

  • Eric Bauza as Woody Bird
  • Kevin Michael Richardson as Gallinazo
  • Tom Kenny as Pablo Morsa
  • Mary-Louise Parker as Angie
  • Chloe Delos Santos as Maggie
  • Josh Lawson as Zane
  • Esther Son as Rose
  • Evan Stanhope as Gus
  • George Holahan-Cantwell as Orson
  • Kershawn Theodore as Mikey
  • CC Dewar as Devin

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