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Who Will Be Latin America’s Next Milei? Can the Libertarian Movement Expand?

Giancarlo Calla Huanca, a libertarian activist from Peru, was inspired by Javier Milei, the current president of Argentina, when he first saw him explaining monetary issuance using apples on a TV program. Milei’s clear and popular explanation of libertarian ideas resonated with Calla Huanca, who went on to found the Peruvian Libertarian Party.

Now, a decade later, Calla Huanca and others in countries like Colombia are working to establish and legalize libertarian parties to participate in future elections. The influence of Milei’s message is spreading beyond Argentina, inspiring libertarians across the region.

In 2021, libertarians from various countries formed the Ibero-American Libertarian Alliance to collaborate and share ideas. The alliance aims to promote libertarian values like individualism, economic freedom, and market-based resource allocation.

While some countries are actively organizing libertarian movements and preparing for elections, others, like the Libertarian Party of Chile, are taking a slower approach to build a strong foundation for future political engagement.

Despite differing strategies and outlooks, libertarians in the region are optimistic about the future of libertarian ideas. They see Milei’s success in Argentina as a model for other countries and believe that libertarian principles will continue to gain influence in politics.

As libertarians in Latin America look to the future, they remain inspired by Milei’s leadership and determined to advance libertarian ideologies in their respective countries.

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