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William Levy Sends Powerful Message to Elizabeth Gutiérrez

The actor William Levy recently expressed a strong message to his ex-wife, Elizabeth Gutierrez, with whom he ended his marriage in February after being separated for two months. In an interview on the Univision television network’s program “Siéntese qué puede!”, Levy stated that he will never forgive her again, emphasizing that he had given his best for their family and for her.

Meanwhile, Gutierrez had previously commented on their separation, mentioning that their current desires may differ but she will always love him and wish him the best. The couple, who were together for almost 20 years, share two children, Christopher and Kailey.

Since their separation, the children have been living with William, but Kailey chose to move in with her mother Elizabeth. This decision has led to communication issues between William and his 14-year-old daughter, prompting him to seek the help of the police to contact her. The custody arrangements for both children have yet to be determined.

The situation remains unresolved, causing concern for the well-being of the family as they navigate through this challenging time.

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