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X-Men 97 (2024) Review: Disney Plus Series Sets New Standard for ‘X-Men’ Adaptations, Providing Marvel with a Winning Formula for Mutant Success on the Big Screen

Xmen 97

‘X-Men 97’ seemed like the sequel that no one asked for and it has turned out to be one of Marvel’s best series lately. We have witnessed many series and movies relying heavily on nostalgia, and ‘X-Men 97’ appeared to be another unexpected sequel from one of Marvel’s iconic animated series.

Marvel has struggled to find the right formula for mutants in the cinema, with the X-Men franchise in limbo. But ‘X-Men 97’ has given fans the best appearance of mutants in recent years, without the need to wait for their inclusion in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Feared and hated, and with the usual dramas, ‘X-Men 97’ picks up a year after the original series, introducing a group of mutants navigating through challenges without Professor Xavier. The series unfolds with iconic plots from Chris Claremont’s era, offering a mix of familiar storylines in a new chronology.

‘X-Men 97’ includes references to social issues, showcasing Marvel’s progressive approach towards advocating for the rights of minorities. The series manages to engage both classic fans and new viewers, providing a balance of nostalgia and modern storytelling.

Visually, Studio Mir and Marvel Animation Studios have modernized the animation style of ‘X-Men 97’, maintaining the essence of the original series while introducing contemporary elements. The series offers a blend of action-packed sequences and interpersonal drama, making it a compelling watch for both action enthusiasts and fans of character-driven narratives.

Marvel has found success with ‘X-Men 97’ as a perfect adaptation of the X-Men, highlighting the complexities of the superhero group and their societal struggles. The series demonstrates that the X-Men thrive in adversity, offering a captivating exploration of their world.

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