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Xóchitl reaches halfway point of campaign with no progress, echoing stagnation from the start – SinEmbargo Al Aire

Analysis – Xóchitl reaches the middle of the campaign with the same stagnation with which it began. However, On Air.

Halfway through the presidential elections, Xóchitl is still facing the same challenges and obstacles that she encountered at the beginning of her campaign.

Despite her efforts to gain momentum and gather support, Xóchitl has not been able to significantly improve her standing in the polls.

As the campaign progresses, it becomes increasingly clear that Xóchitl’s message is not resonating with the electorate, and her chances of victory are diminishing.

With the election only a few weeks away, Xóchitl must find a way to revitalize her campaign and connect with voters if she hopes to have any chance of winning.

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