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Xuso Jones Reveals the Disappointing Response Enrique Iglesias Gave Him and the Reason Behind It

If Xuso Jones (34 years old) had been told in 2011 that the video he uploaded to YouTube singing his order at a McAuto would lead him to become famous, he wouldn’t have believed it. Thanks to those images, which he published without any intention of making himself known, he is today one of the best influencers of Spain, included in the Forbes list. He is also a singer, writer, and television presenter. He spoke about all this tonight with Dani Martínez in ‘Martínez y Hermanos’.

The Murcian Jesús Segovia Pérez, better known as Xuso Jones, has managed to build a successful career since then. The viral video, which reached eleven million visits, gave him enough fame to be offered his first opportunity in the world of music. She traveled to Los Angeles to begin her singing career with a first album that won critical favor. Soon opened for international artists from the likes of Justin Bieber, Selena Gómez, and Jessie J.

Xuso Jones tells of the bad response that Enrique Iglesias gave him when asking for a photograph

Like every Monday, the first part of Dani Martínez’s program has been based on the ice-breaking game in which the guests answer several questions anonymously and the presenter must guess who has answered what. Today, the first of the questions was about celebrities specifically if they had experienced any strange or curious situation with a famous person.

Xuso Jones has acknowledged that it had happened to him. “Once with Enrique Iglesias”, he began. “I was at an event and I am a big fan of Enrique from all of God’s life. I approached him and told him ‘May I have a photo with you?’. And he told me, ‘No way with you,'” she said.

A bad answer that left Xuso stunned, who began to wonder what could have happened for the singer to refuse to take a photo with him. Finally, he discovered the reason: “My old record company, the one that gave me carte blanche, had told him… They had colluded so that he would answer me like that. It was a moment random which to this day I think was true,” he said.

Xuso was left at the gates of Eurovision and ‘OT’

Thanks to the fame he acquired as a singer crossing the Atlantic was able to make the jump to television in Spain. She participated in the 2013 edition of ‘Your face sounds to me’ and two years later she was a finalist in the Eurovision selection that Barei won. In 2018 he tested his culinary skills on ‘MasterChef Celebrity 3’ and served as an advisor on ‘The Voice’. His great opportunity as a presenter came with ‘Operación Triunfo’. He took charge of the Academy along with Chenoa.

“I really want it to start now because it will be a very nice edition. Entering ‘OT’ like this makes me especially excited because I showed up for the casting many years ago, when I was 18. So becoming one of your presenters is a gift”, he confessed in an interview with LOC last year before starting the program.

That was not his first experience. He influencer, whose stage name comes from a combination of Indiana Jones and Danny Jones, singer of McFly, has already served as host of several podcasts about Eurovision and has an interview program with Ana Brito called ‘Poco se speaking’. “The same thing happened to me with Eurovision as with ‘OT’. I applied for the selection in 2016, and I didn’t go to the contest… But I got to present these programs. It’s like all my dreams are coming true,” he explained in the same interview last year.

Yes, he has put his singing career on hold to prioritize your other facets. Among them, that of a writer. “The last thing I published is called ‘The Jaspao Method’ and it’s a cleaning manual. I have no idea why people liked it so much. I guess it’s because I learned to clean with art. In fact, I would love to make a program TV, cleaning houses. ‘Nightmare in the kitchen’, but with messy houses. Do you think Amazon might be interested?”, he had that humor that characterizes him so much and that has given him 1.5 million followers on Instagram and on TikTok.

It has not been easy for him to reach that figure, much less endure the criticism that, at certain times, has been leveled at him. Over time she has been able to cope with that part of being a well-known face. “Before it wasn’t like that, it’s just that I hate everything people think and I’m sorry to say it like that. We are in a moment in which everyone can give their opinion and say whatever they want, but Why am I going to value it?”, he commented in a recent interview with Infobae.

For him, the important thing is that he continues working on what he likes: “I know that I am here every day doing a program, making an effort, knowing the work I am doing and that a person I don’t even know comes to tell me how I am doing it, well … It can be a criticism and everything you want, but I am happy, I am working, I am building, I am growing, I am learning… I understand that Some people may like me and others may not. I respect and accept it.” His greatest success is living peacefully and surrounded by his people in Murcia because, as he says, “fame and money are ephemeral.”

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