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Yaco Eskenazi and Natalie Vértiz Stand Firm and Decline to Apologize to Ethel Pozo: “No, Imagine” | Entertainment News | TV Shows

Yaco Eskenazi communicated live on Monday afternoon with Amor y Fuego and expressed confusion over the conflict that arose between his former colleague from My Mom Cooks Better Than Yours, Ethel Pozo, and his wife, Natalie Vértiz.

The former host mentioned that he was unaware of why Gisela Valcárcel’s daughter confronted his wife over a simple joke and mentioned that they had never encountered any issues before.

“All the information is distorted, I don’t like it and I’m never going to let them talk about my wife.” Yaco said.

Yaco clarified that on his birthday last December 14, he invited Ethel Pozo, and recently during the summer, he greeted Gisela Valcárcel affectionately. He mentioned that Gisela still calls him ‘boss’, dismissing any conflict because she no longer works at her production company.

“Natalie made a joke like they make jokes on that show a while ago, like when they put a note saying that I’m having problems when they know they can call me directly and not make the display to make their jokes. It’s a joke, Natalie is not going to ask my permission to make a joke, she is an intelligent woman and she knows what she is saying. If people have reacted in a certain way, it is not Natalie’s fault.” he said.

When asked if he or his wife planned to apologize to Ethel Pozo, Yaco Eskenazi responded with, “No, no, imagine.”


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