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Yaco Eskenazi Calms Ethel Pozo’s Anger Towards Natalie Vértiz by Sending Heartfelt Message to His ‘Little Girl’ | Watch Video | Showbiz | Shows

On Monday, April 15, Ethel Pozo expressed her dissatisfaction towards Natalie Vértiz on ‘America today.’ Gisela Valcárcel’s daughter used her program to criticize her husband Yaco Eskenazi for claiming that she has a mansion similar to Jefferson Farfán’s and enough money to buy a pass at Disney World.

Ethel made it clear that she no longer considers Natalie Vértiz a friend: “This morning I am not happy because people lied on national television. A person has lied who said he was my friend. You can’t lie about your friends. No more being a punching bag.”

Meanwhile, Yaco Eskenazi had an exclusive conversation with Trome, where he talked about Ethel Pozo’s altercation with Natalie Vértiz. Eskenazi expressed that he does not believe a friendship of years can be broken by a joke.

“I don’t believe that friendships can be broken that easily. When there is a feeling involved between two people who have been friends, it’s not like ‘well, I didn’t like what you did, I don’t want to be your friend anymore.'”

Finally, he downplayed Ethel’s reaction and took the opportunity to send a subtle jab: “I don’t see friendships like that. But if other people no longer want to be my friends, I have enough friends in the world.”

Ethel Pozo breaks things with Yaco after 6 years of friendship and blames Natali

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