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Yuyito González Shares Emotional Reaction to Scene in Guillermo Coppola Series: “I Cried for My Daughter”

The series about the life of Guillermo Coppola caused a stir in the world. But one of the most affected was Amalia Yuyito González, the ex-partner of the well-known representative and mother of his daughter Bárbara. “It was a very strong topic,” The woman pointed out regarding the fiction strip that was positioned as one of the most successful on the platform.

This Sunday, on the program Having lunch with Juana (The thirteen), Mirtha Legrand took her granddaughter’s place and interviewed her guests. Among them was the former star, who did not hesitate to talk about the controversial scenes played by Mónica Antonópulos, who played her on the small screen. “I saw three scenes where he divinely interprets everything,” Nothing happens, but she says a couple of bad words that Coppola said she deserved, one from a comedian, who interprets something from Porcel’s time, and another,” explained the blonde at the diva’s table on television.

Confident that the series was going to portray the representative’s life, the woman did not worry much. But everything changed when he received a message from the journalist Laura Ubfal, who drew his attention to a scene he had not seen. “There I was already a little alarmed, on top of that I thought that the series came out at night and had already premiered at five in the morning, and He sends me an audio saying ‘Oh, how bad they made you look.’ ‘How did they make me look bad if I saw the scenes?’ I asked.

“And she answered me: ‘Oh, but the one where Coppola asks you not to have your daughter,’ Laura said something worse but I don’t like to repeat it,” noted the former model. “Imagine, she tells me that and I tell her ‘no, that scene never happened, in real life it didn’t happen,’” explained Yuyito González, who couldn’t help but tell how that information impacted her and her daughter. “It shocked me so much that I left the supermarket and started crying.” I was so shocked when they said that Guillermo asked me to have an abortion. He never said that to me in my life nor did I say that to him, nor did he make me doubt it. It was horrible because it wasn’t like that. I cried for my daughter, not for him

For her part, the actress who played her in the series was sincere and did not hesitate to point out: “Obviously, it is not a biopic, It’s not something based on real life. “Clearly what happened is more than respectable.” Completely hurt by the fact that affected her personally, Coppola’s ex-wife expressed: “It was a very strong topic to fictionalize, I say, about a son that you had known all your life how beautiful he was, that we were in Italy, that he told us doctor and we toast with champagne. Afterwards, even my granddaughter will watch this series.

But she did not let the topic go, but rather took advantage of her cycle in Ciudad Magazine to interview her ex-husband. “We talked about it on my program, I asked him to come and he didn’t, so we made a call”, Yuyito explained. Without giving him the opportunity to distance himself from the situation, he commented that he made him express himself about it: “I asked Guillermo to say that it was not true that he asked me to have an abortion. He explained to the entire audience that he had not seen the scene, that a friend told him about it.”. When in doubt as to whether her explanation was true, the blonde pointed out that she was going to give him the benefit of the doubt, since she did not want to distrust the father of her daughter.

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