Fire Force Season 3: Release Date & Everything We Know

Fire Force Season 3

Greetings, fandom! It has come to our attention that Fire Force Season 3 has been announced! The popular adventure fiction fantasy anime which first came out in mid-2019 has been loved dearly in the anime fandom.

With an amazing animation style and an enthralling plot, Fire Force is a New Age anime series that might seem similar to anime shows like Jujutsu Kaisen and Demon Slayer, but Fire Force has a number of beautiful unique qualities that will certainly catch your eye.

Fire Force is the best work of manga writer and illustrator Atsushi Okubo, and the manga version of Fire Force was first published in Kodansha’s shōnen manga magazine Weekly Shōnen Magazine on September 23, 2015. 

The anime adaptation of the manga came to existence four years later, in July of 2019. 

After the airing of Fire Force Season 1 in 2019, Fire Force Season 2 started airing exactly one year later from July 4, 2020.

Each of these seasons has a total of twenty-four episodes. The anime has been a huge hit since the very first season, and after the release of season, 2 fans were even more intrigued into the storyline. But due to the pandemic situation, the third season of Fire Force had been delayed for a long time.

Fans were quite unsure of the show’s future. But fortunately, after two whole years, the anime’s future has been secured. On May 16, 2022, the official website of Fire Force along with the official Twitter account announced that Fire Force is set to have a season 3, and fans are overjoyed. 

But when is season 3 of Fire Force actually being released? How many episodes will Fire Force season 3 have? Will Fire Force have a season 4? Fans are swarming with questions surrounding the news of Fire Force Season 3. But worry not, we hear you.

So today we will discuss Fire Force Season 3 and everything we know about the new season. So sit back, relax and read the article to the end to find out about Fire Force Season 3: Everything we know!

Fire Force Season 3 News

Fire Force Season 3

Yes, yes, we understand your enthusiasm. After all, it’s finally ensured that Fire Force Season 3 is coming to reality! After a painstakingly long period of waiting and unsureness of two years, the producers and directors of Fire Force have finally renewed the anime series for a season 3. 

Anime is a very expansive and vibrant genre. Over the last few years, people of multiple generations have found anime to be their favourite pastime thanks to its abundance of stunning and interesting collections of series of so many genres.

Some successful anime series would include the incredibly successful series Demon Slayer, the film sequel of which has broken a couple of movie records after just a small time of its release,and also Jujutsu Kaisen, whose perfect blend of the shōnen action with supernatural mystery/fantasy has been praised by every anime fan ever.

Just like these great shows, Fire Force is an anime that has acquired its place at the list of top anime series ever, and deservedly so. A unique spin on a team of firefighters and the concept of spontaneous combustion of the show’s storyline had helped the series to become as popular as it truly deserves to be.

After Fire Force Season 2 was wrapped up in December 2020 and became one of the top most-watched anime series of Amazon Prime Japan, fans were impatient to have more of this show.

After remaining hopeful for two years, the makers of the show finally announced a season 3 for Fire Force on the anime series’s official website and the official Twitter account.

Since it is big news for every fan of Fire Force ever, here is all the news of Fire Force Season 3 and everything we know about it. 

The official release date for Fire Force season 3 has yet to be confirmed by the producers of the show. However, with the show gaining insane popularity and with the selling out of the Fire Force Manga, it is definitely expected we do not have to wait for long for Fire Force Season 3 to come out.

The Official Fire Force Anime Twitter revealed in late April of this year that the manga of Fire Force has surpassed 15 million sales in copies, which is undoubtedly an insane feat to cross. 

Atsushi Okubo, the writer and illustrator of Fire Force, said that the manga of the series Fire Force should be ending soon, which might delay the production for Fire Force Anime Season 3. 

In an interview with Atsushi Okubo with Monsters And Critics, Okubo said that there is possibility of the change in the previous plans of the manga of Fire Force wrapping up at volume 30. 

As reported by Anime News Network about the show’s future, in the 23rd volume of Fire Force manga, it was stated by Atsushi and it is the final chapter for the story.

Furthermore, Okubo also stated that Fire Force will be his last manga. However, with 28 volumes of the manga being released already, it seems that there will be a slight delay in the end of the storyline for Fire Force. 

Fire Force Season 2 Recap

It has been a whole two years since the release of Fire Force Season 2. If you haven’t watched the show recently, then it is a given that you might need a recap of everything that happened in Fire Force Season 2 for you to catch up with the storyline of the much anticipated season 3 of Fire Force.

Now that we have gotten some idea about Fire Force Season 3 and everything we know about it, let’s take a look back on the previous season of Fire Force : Season 2, shall we?

A fan favourite series which is filled with thrill, mystery and action, Fire Force Season 2 introduced its viewers with thrilling shockers, demise of characters and even a secret relation to the Soul Eater. 

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The second season of Fire Force showed the conduction of Shinra and his combine burning resolution, but the emergence of the White Clad with its terrible motive which later proceeds out company 4’s Captain Hague. 

After Shinra Kusakabe confronts his younger brother Shou in the Nether, Shinra’s drive to become a hero that saves lives from fire hazards becomes more strengthened.

Along with making an attempt to find a way to turn the infernals back into normal humans, Shinra has a couple of goals to be fulfilled in Fire Force Season 2. Unravelling the mystery of the Evangelist and Adolla Burst and saving his mother and brother Shou are the top priorities for Shinra.

However, he comes to realize that attaining these goals will be anything but easy, and especially with the danger of Evangelists on the bay. 

With the enemies growing more dangerous and powerful day by day, Shinra and Arthur have a look to Benimaru Shinmon to press them away from their limitations. All of this while having then held out a point called “The Press Of Death ”. As Tephrosis rules over Shinra eventually extracts this condition and an Adolla connection appears in Hague’s last moments.

As Shinra and Arthur go through training that feels more like hazing, they both throw everything they have at Benimaru in order to achieve “Hysterical Strength of a Fire Scene,” which is reminiscent of the fight or flight-like response one experiences when their life is in danger.

As Benimaru praises Shinra and Arthur for understanding the importance of life, he also criticizes them for taking it for granted. When Shinra finds himself at the verge of passing out from using up all the oxygen in his body, he feels like he himself would not be able to hold on for his life for long. 

As Shinra experiences this, suddenly he is surrounded by flames. Shinra experiences visions of his brother Sho and his mother, reminding him how he never wants to never lose them again.

At this moment, Shindea goes through an existential crisis of sorts and finds himself a newfound drive, born from pure fear and survival instincts and “The Press Of Death.” As Blue Fire envelops both Shinra and Arthur, Benimaru smiles as Shinra and Arthur advance to their newly awoken state. 

On the other hand, Captains Hibana and Huang of Company 5 and 6, respectively, confront Lieutenant Konro. After the doppelganger experience that he went through two years prior, Konro gained his signature scar and a brief trip to the Adolla world. During all of this, Konro was targeted by a white clad assassin. Huang determines that Konro’s flames aren’t any different from other pyrokinetics. 

Captain Hague, much like Konro, saw the Adolla’s flames during the Great Fire. He also carries facial scars from his encounter. Hague is attacked by a White Clad assassin with golden arms, who riddles his body with various metal objects with which they can control. Witnessing the demise of Captain, Shinra feels his final moments and emotions through an Adolla Link. 

In the final moments of the Fire Force Season 2, both the changes of  Fire Force and the White Clad were highlighted along with the indication of upheaval. 

Plot Of Fire Force Season 3

Fire Force Season 3

Since it has been so long since fans had any news about the future of Fire Force, it is natural that everyone is very very eager and impatient to know what Fire Force Season 3 has in store for us.

After an intense Season 2, Fire Force has definitely ignited so much anticipation for what is going to happen next in the hearts of every viewer, and everyone is swarming with questions about the Plot of Fire Force Season 3. 

As of now, we do not have any concrete plot details for Fire Force Season 3, yet. But we know that the anime has till now always followed the Manga of Fire Force. Judging from this, we can expect that Season 3 will also follow the plotline of the Fire Force Manga. If that is to happen, then we can likely have a guess for what is to await for Shinra in season 3. 

If you take a close look at the anime and manga schedule, the volume 1 to volume 11 of the Fire Force Manga were covered in Season 1 of Fire Force Anime.

After that, Season 2 of Fire Force Anime followed along the storyline of volume 11 to volume 20. As Okubo suggests that the manga is at the ending bit of the storyline, then Fire Force Season 3 will probably follow along the storyline of Fire Force Manga starting from Volume 20 to its potential end which is yet to be determined. That is, if Fire Force does not go into the filler territory like the anime like Naruto and Bleach. 

As the ending of Season 2 of Fire Force indicated a bigger future battle between Evangelists and Company 8, we’re sure that this will be delved deeper into in the upcoming Fire Force Season 3. Shinra, trying to become stronger to deal with the Company’s increasingly dangerous enmities, we saw Shinra push his limits to reach a new limit called “The Press Of Death”. 

That, adding to the fact that the heroes of Fire Force dealt with a huge blow from the enemies, we are guessing that Fire Force Season 3 will feature how they recover from the repeated attacks and build their strength up to face the huge war that the show is indicating. 

Cast Of Fire Force Season 3

There has been no release of an official list of who is in the cast for “Fire Force” season 3. If we are to believe in the consistency behind the scenes of the first two seasons of Fire Force, it is most likely that we will see the original cast members of the show return again for Fire Force Season 3. 

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However, since it is a brand new season with many possibilities and indications of newer things, we can expect some new cast members to be in Fire Force Season 3.

The additions of the new characters and new cast members included Ogun Montgomery, voiced by Makoto Furukawa (Japanese) and Zeno Robinson (English), and Scop, voiced by Kentaro Ito (Japanese) and Tyler Walker (English). We should still see a returning voice cast that includes Gakuto Kajiwara (Japanese) and Derick Snow (English) as Shinra (Via Anime News Network).

In a similar fashion with the first two seasons, the new Fire Force Season 3 will have David Production, the animation studio, animating season 3 of the show. As for directors, Tatsuma Minamikawa has replaced Yuki Yase as a director for Season 2 of Fire Force in the past. As of now, if no change in plan occurs, then we can expect Minamikawa to direct Fire Force Season 3 as well. 

The chief animator of Fire Force, Kazuhiro Miwa has been in the position for all two seasons of Fire Force Season 3. This is why, we can expect Kazuhiro Miwa to return again as the chief animator for Fire Force Season 3 along with Kenichiro Suehiro as the composer of the music for Fire Force Season 3. 

Best Fire Force Characters: Fans’ Opinions

Fire Force Season 3

Fire Force has been noticed for its incredibly lovable and deeply written characters. As Fire Force is an action thriller anime, the storyline depends highly upon the characters and their decisions, and if characters are not well written then an anime is no fun to watch. But Fire Force creators have done a great job creating some of its characters, so much so that fans never refrain from praising and loving the characters every time. So in this segment of our article, we will discuss some of the best Fire Force Characters (with the best character being at the end)  according to the fans of the show themselves. 

  • Joker

In our collection of the best Fire Force Characters , at first we have the infamous character Joker. The first of many controversial characters, Joker was confronted by Shinra and Company 8 during the course of their investigations into Infernals. In his own cruel and harsh way, Joker has trained Shinra to become stronger through their encounters. As Shinra succeeds in reaching the new state, Joker gifts Shinra with a piece of news that we all know Shinra was praying to hear- that his brother Sho is actually alive. 

  • Benimaru Shinmon

Being quite the unusual captain of Fire Force Company 7, Benimaru Shinmon is a hybrid second and third-generation pyrokinetic. Unlike many other characters introduced in the show, Shinra and Arthur were only sent to train under Benimaru Shinmon all because of his incredible physical prowess. Possessing superhuman levels of speed, endurance, and strength, Benimaru is also a beloved member in company 7 and the residence of Asakusa. He is shown to be very caring towards the people that he protects and has shown deep remorse for the ones to turn into Infernals. 

  • Viktor Licht

Although he is not pyrokinetic, Viktor Licht has been seen in the show as a prominent character. Viktor is the head of incendiary research at Haijima Industries and is also the scientist of Company 8. Viktor values the truth above anything else, and hebis willing to go further than anyone should arguably go in the pursuit of answers. Viktor has proven his usefulness multiple times when he tracked down the secret lair of the White Clad and was instrumental in aiding Joker several times. In a world where everyone is superhuman, a regular but loveable character like Viktor is often the most likeable for fans since they are easier to connect with. 

  • Sho Kusakabe

Brother of Shinra Kusakabe, Sho was believed to have passed away for the longest amount of time throughout the whole Fire Force series, until recently it was said that he is alive. Being a third and fourth-generation pyrokinetic, he was abducted as a toddler by the White Clad. Sho is seen to be serving as the Commander of The Knights of the Ashen Flame and is determined to bring about The Great Cataclysm and return the world to ash. Arguably one of the most powerful characters of Fire Force, Sho keeps the potential of even being the most powerful character of the show. Sho can slow the flow of time for everyone but himself. This, combined with the fact that he holds immense physical prowess with his Third Generation abilities, Sho is a very deadly enemy in the Fire Force. Sho is able to shut down several opponents, including his powerful brother Shinra with ease. With such great power, Sho is understandably one of the most loved characters of Fire Force. 

  • Shinra Kusakabe

Shinra Kusakabe is the main protagonist of the show, which is why it’s a given that people will tend to like Shinra most when it comes to the best Fire Force Characters. However, Shinra has solid reasons to be the most liked character of Fire Force. Being the victim of a tragic incident that caused him to be the only survivor of his family, Shinra dreamt of being a hero ever since his young days.

Shinra is pushed into his destiny from a young age and he plays an integral part in determining the destiny of the whole world as well.

Shinra is an extremely gifted pyrokinetic and is a brash fighter who tends to rush into fights without thinking, which often leads him into trouble. But his indomitable will and sense of justice has always made him prevail.

A flawed but engaging hero, Shinra is a protagonist who will always be the stealer of the spotlight along with the hearts of the viewers. Hence, Shinra is named to be the most loved character of Fire Force.   

About Fire Force 

Fire Force is a Shōnen anime series which has been derived from the manga series of the same name. The Fire Force Manga, which first was published in 2015, has been extremely successful in the Weekly Shōnen Magazine. The anime Fire Force is the animated adaptation of the manga and was first released in 2019 with the first season. 

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Fire Force was written and illustrated by Atsushi Okubo. The manga version of the show was serialized in Kodansha’s weekly shonen magazine. The chapters of Fire Force had been collected in thirty-four tankobon volumes. 

Fire Force Season 1 was directed by Yuki Yase, who was later replaced by Tatsuma Minamikawa for the second season. The producers of Fire Force include Chiho Tochikura, Hiroshi Kamei, Du Yi, Rina Shinoda, Chris Han, Maya Fujino, and Emiko Ijima.

The writers of the anime television series were Gakuto Haijika (from episode 1 to episode 24) and Tatsuma Minamikawa (from episode 25 to episode 48). 

Over the years, Fire Force has made a name for itself in the world of thriller action anime series for its unique storyline. It is said to be Atsushi Okubo’s best work, with the manga amassing more than 15 million sales.

The anime adaptation of the show has a total of two seasons as of now, with a third one on the way. Each season of Fire Force which has been released has 24 episodes which are available in both English subbed and dubbed. 

List Of All Fire Force Episodes Which Have Been Released?

Fire Force Season 3

With the announcement of Fire Force Season 3 being one of the most trending topics for the anime enthusiasts, many people who aren’t familiar with the show are considering watching the series beforehand so they can catch up with the storyline of the new Fire Force Season 3.

Are you an anime enthusiast wondering about how many episodes of Fire Force are there as well? Then fret not, because keeping in mind about new fans, we have provided you the full list of Fire Force Episodes. 

Each episode of Fire Force is on average thirty minutes long. However, there are special episodes that have a duration of one hour instead. Here is the whole list of Fire Force Episodes. 

Fire Force Season 3

Season 1

  1. Shinra Kusakabe Enlists
  2. The Heart of a Fire Soldier. 
  3. The Rookie Fire Soldier Games
  4.  The Hero and the Princess
  5.  The Battle Begins
  6.  The Spark of Promise
  7. The Investigation of the 1st Commences
  8. Infernal Insects
  9. The Spreading Malice
  10. The Promise
  11. Formation of Special Fire Force Company 8/The Mightiest Hikeshi
  12. Eve of Hostilities in Asakusa
  13. The Trap is Set
  14. For Whom the Flames Burn
  15. The Blacksmith’s Dream
  16. We Are Family
  17. Black and White and Gray
  18. The Secrets of Pyrokinesis
  19. Into the Nether
  20.  Wearing His Pride
  21. Those Connected
  22. A Brother’s Determination
  23. Smile
  24. The Burning Past

Season 2

  1. A Fire Soldier’s Fight
  2. Flames of Madness
  3. A New Flashpoint
  4. Groping Through the Fire
  5. Corna (Sign of the Devil) / A Secret Plan
  6. The Time to Choose
  7. Road to the Oasis
  8. Smoldering Malevolence
  9. The Core
  10.  The Woman in Black
  11.  Dark Hero
  12.  Shadows Cast by Divine Light
  13.  A Pair of One-Eyes
  14.  The Ashen Reaper
  15.  A Three-Way Melee
  16. Mind Blown
  17. Boys, Be Weak
  18. The Holy Woman’s Anguish / The Man, Assault
  19. The Oze Family
  20. Weapon of Destruction
  21. Enemy Contact 
  22. Plot for Extinction
  23. Firecat
  24. Signs of Upheaval

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will Fire Force Season 3 come out in 2022?

Following the announcement of Fire Force Season 3 on May 16 2022, we can expect Fire Force Season 3 to come out in 2022. 

When is the release date of Fire Force Season 3?

There has been no announcement for the official release date of Fire Force Season 3.

How many episodes of Fire Force are there?

There are a total of 48 episodes of Fire Force which have been released as of now. 

Will season 3 be the last for Fire Force?

If Fire Force Season 3 does not introduce filler episodes, then it is expected that Fire Force Season 3 will be the last for Fire Force. 

Who is the main villain of Fire Force?

Surprising to the viewers, Sho Kusakabe, the brother of Shinra Kusakabe is the main antagonist or main villain of Fire Force.

Can Shinra beat Benimaru?

Considering that Benimaru’s strength allowed him to completely overpower both Shinra and Arthur simultaneously and continue beating down on them for several hours, we can conclude that with the current level of power it is impossible for Shinra to beat Benimaru. 

How many volumes of Fire Force have been released?

As of now, there are thirty four volumes of the Fire Force Manga series. 

Which volumes of Fire Force Manga will the Fire Force Season 3 be based on?

If Fire Force does not introduce any filler episodes, then Fire Force Season 3 will be based on the volumes 20 from the potentially last volume of Fire Force.

Will Fire Force have a Season 4?

With the unsureness of when the manga will come to an end, it is uncertain whether Fire Force will have a season 4. 

Who is the creator of Fire Force? 

Atsushi Okubo is the creator of Fire Force Anime and Manga.

Is Fire Force available in English dubbed?

Yes, Fire Force is available in English dubbed. 

Is Fire Force available on Crunchyroll?

Fire Force is available to watch on Crunchyroll with ads.

Is Fire Force on Netflix?

As of now, Fire Force is not available on Netflix. 

In which platform is Fire Force available?

Fire Force is available on Hulu and Amazon Prime.

Does Fire Force have any movies?

As of now, there has been no movie adaptation for Fire Force. 


We thank you gratefully for reading our article to the end. We hope you enjoyed your time reading about Fire Force Season 3 and everything we know about it. With much anticipation and excitement, we expect the newest season to be released as soon as possible. Meanwhile, don’t forget to check in on our website for the best anime news and more!

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