10 indies essentials, on sale in the PS Store for PS4 and PS5

10 indies essentials, on sale in the PS Store for PS4 and PS5

For a few days and until next September 2 we can find in the PS Store a good handful of independent games on offer in the Sony digital store, which we can enjoy both in PS4 like in PS5. As usual in these cases, we have dozens of discounted titles at our disposal, so from here we make a selection with specifically ten indies that we believe that we must play yes or yes from all of them.

The ten you have to have

Thus, especially lovers of challenges are in luck, since we meet some of the most demanding indies of recent years, starting with the fun Cuphead, with its characteristic artistic section and its very tough final bosses. Also one of the great metroidvania of today as it is Hollow Knight, as well as the roguelite of letters Slay the Spire, pure vice, and the platform Celeste. One of the most peculiar tributes to the Souls saga could not be missed, Salt & Sanctuary, which is able to perfectly capture the essence of From Software’s work in two dimensions.

The action is also present with the great beat em up Streets of Rage 4, a great tribute to the Sega classic. For quieter and more restful trips, opt for Spiritfarer O Journey, and to turn your head around solving ingenious puzzles, what better than The Talos Principle O The Witness, by the great Jonathan Blow, creator of the equally fantastic Braid.

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To see all the available offers, you can do it at this link.


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