$ 10 million bounty also on those responsible for REvil ransomware

$ 10 million bounty also on those responsible for REvil ransomware

The US State Department this week put bounties of up to $ 10 million on the leaders behind the Sodinokibi ransomware (also known as REvil). This should be given to those who can provide information to identify or locate people who belong to the leadership of the cybercriminal gang.

The US Department of State is willing to pay up to US $ 5 million if someone can provide evidence leading to the arrest or conviction of the criminal machinations of REvil involved people – also outside the USA. Among other things, REvil was responsible for the attack on Kaseya in the middle of the year, which affected thousands of companies managed by the ransomware.

Last week the US State Department offered such bounties for the DarkSide gang who carried out the hack on Colonial Pipeline. As a result of the ransomware infestation, the pipeline was temporarily shut down, which led to delivery bottlenecks and rising gasoline prices in the USA.

The criminal masterminds behind the extortion Trojans initially seemed to be able to act completely unmolested. However, the search pressure has increased enormously in the meantime. At the beginning of the week, seven people were arrested in the REvil context.

We are still looking for something Jewgenij P.. The FBI suspects him of being involved in the REvil ransomware attacks and of being guilty of money laundering. For him and his cronies, the air should now be thin. As it is known that there is no honor among criminals, the bounty is likely to be extremely seductive for other confidants.


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