95-year-old Chinese scientist encourages women to fight for gender equality and gets 580 million views on social media in just 48 hours

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Ye Shuhua, a 95-year-old Chinese astronomer, delivered a speech at the SHE Forum of the World Laureates Association in Shanghai on November 2, urging women to “to struggle“for her dreams and for gender equality now”work hard” to get it.

a video of the speech was published the next day and in just 48 hours he received more than 580 million views and more than 61,000 conversation threads on the Chinese social network Sina Weibo, reported The Global Times.

“If you want to achieve something, you have to fight for it. You must show your skill. You must work hard to keep your job,” Shuhua said. “If we do better and strive, then I think the position of women will be more and more egalitarian“.

Discussions about women’s social responsibilities became a hot topic in the comment section of the video. Many women said they felt identified and motivated by Shuhua’s speech, but other people expressed different points of view.

“Equality between men and women is not that women should do men’s work, but that women should raise the next generation of our nation, “wrote a Sina Weibo user, quoted by the outlet.

Ye Shuhua is one of China’s most famous academics and scientists. She is currently a professor at the Shanghai Astronomical Observatory, an institution of which she was also director.

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