A 6-year-old girl and her parents, a doctor and a theater producer, the Argentine family searching through the rubble in Miami

A 6-year-old girl and her parents, a doctor and a theater producer, the Argentine family searching through the rubble in Miami

Andrés Galfrascoli (45), his partner Fabián Nuñez (55) and Sofía Nuñez Galfrascoli, 6 years old. (Photo: Instagram Julia Zenko).

Three Argentines who were staying in the building that collapsed in Miami Beach remain missing and authorities confirmed that they are looking for them in the rubble. Is about Andres Galfrascoli (45), her partner Fabian Nuñez (55) and Sofia Nuñez Galfrascoli, 6 years old, who had gone to spend a few days in Florida to rest and get vaccinated against coronavirus. The name of a missing room (Manuel Lafont) and Chancellery confirmed that the rubble is searched for five others.

The family had arrived in April and were returning to Argentina on July 21. Galfrasconi is a well-known plastic surgeon in the entertainment world. Among other celebrities, he is a surgeon of Julia Zenko. Relatives of the singer indicated to TN.com.ar that she is a good friend of the couple, that she is very distressed and that she prays that they find them alive. According to reports, he still does not want to speak publicly. “She is very shocked”, They detailed.

According to the bio on his website, the doctor “was born in the city of Currents, where he studied and graduated as Surgeon at the Northeast National University. He specialized in the General Hospital De Acute Cosme Argerich (CABA), obtaining the title of Specialist in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery awarded by the Ministry of Health of the Argentine Nation ”.

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“We don’t lose hope,” said the surgeon’s friend. (Photo: Facebook).

“Its main objective is the satisfaction of patients, improving their quality of life with minimal discomfort and seeking an individualized treatment that is adapted to the needs of each patient,” the page details.

While, Núñez is a theatrical producer, playwright, and composer. Among the works he made is the musical “Camila, our love story”, which starred Peter Lanzani, Natalie Pérez and Zenko (as Camila’s grandmother, “La Perichona”).

Nicolás Vázquez and Gimena Accardi, who managed to escape the collapse, are very concerned for Nuñez and Galfrascoli. The two couples were spending time together in that city.

The family is also joined by another adult who has not yet been identified. The information was confirmed to TN by the owner of the apartment that rented the property, named Rodrigo. The man claimed to be friends with the couple. “The last contact I had was at nine o’clock that night I was in the apartment with them. They were staying at home, they had the bad luck that they said “we want to stay on the beach” and well … They had been at home for a month but they insisted that they wanted to come, “he lamented.

“They came to visit me, like every year. By the way, they gave themselves the vaccine. They had taken the ticket a year and a half ago”, He counted. “We have to pray that they are okay,” he added. According to the property owner, Vázquez and Accardi occupied another of his apartments.

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Flavia Martinez, a friend of Galfrascoli, said that the surgeon had decided to travel because he could not open his office due to the pandemic. He even extended his vacation for the same reason. “Andrés in the middle is very well known. He is one of the best surgeons in the country, very low profile, very honest, “he said about the doctor.

“I spoke with him before yesterday, he told me that he was fine, that he was resting,” said the woman. “We do not lose hope,” he closed.

The collapse of the Champlain towers

The Champlain Towers complex is a typical Miami Surfside building, with 12 floors, balconies with ocean views, marble floors and full amenities. Part of the structure of the south tower collapsed during the early morning and there is at least one dead and several injured.

According to the Miami Condo Lifestyle site, Champlain Towers has a total of 136 departments of 3 and 4 rooms and the price range for which a unit could be purchased was between 590 thousand and 915 thousand dollars. The surface area of ​​its apartments varies between 132 and 210 square meters.

The building is located near the beach in this city in the state of Florida and was built in 1981. The incident occurred around 01:30 in the morning between 88th and Collins Avenue and, for the moment, the details are unknown. about the causes. According to the local channel WPLG, people are still trapped in the rubble and firefighters rescue neighbors from balconies.