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A full-featured smartwatch for just $ 70? This model has surprised me

If you’ve ever bought a smartwatch, you’ve probably looked at models ranging from the Apple Watch to the Fitbit Sense to the Samsung Galaxy Watch, all priced at a price that leaves you wondering whether that purchase is “smart.”

Indeed, the prices of these watches are high: starting at $ 279, $ 300 and “astonishing” $ 400, respectively. Therefore, when you meet the Amazfit Bip U Pro, which costs just $ 70, it is understandable that you imagine that it is a cheap thing devoid of functions.

Well, it’s not like that. In fact, the Bip U Pro is a considerably good smartwatch that, while not perfect (it certainly isn’t), does have enough features for users who want to enjoy the key conveniences these devices offer: fitness tracking. , phone notifications, etc.

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I have tried a few Amazfit items in the last two years and the majority have positively impressed me. The Bip U Pro is one of the best to date. It can be paired with any Android or iPhone phone and view incoming calls, messages, calendar reminders, news alerts, and other notifications on the screen.

You can also use it to play or pause your music and even trigger your camera phone’s shutter.

As a fitness tracker, the Bip U Pro offers more features than you might expect, including heart rate monitoring, a blood oxygen sensor, and step, stress and sleep tracking features. However, it is difficult to estimate how accurate some of these sensors are; I have noticed that sometimes the heart rate figures can vary quite a bit unless the watch is placed on the correct place on the wrist and is worn fairly tightly.

Unlike many inexpensive watches, this has built-in GPS, which means you can record your walks, runs, bike rides, and other outdoor activities without taking your phone with you.

It also has Amazon Alexa integrated, but for this your phone does have to be close (Alexa does not work offline). Unfortunately, in my experience, this feature doesn’t work very well. Setting it up is a hassle and is not reliable.

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