A List of Trusted Cryptocurrency Payment Providers

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The world of the blockchain is expanding exponentially. Now, there are as many as 6,000 different kinds of digital currencies circulating the globe with a combined market capitalisation of over $3 trillion. As the demand for cryptocurrencies increases, so does the need for trusted cryptocurrency payment gateways. Big businesses are now catching on, with Mastercard partnering up with three east-Asian corporations to further their crypto-based credit, debit and prepaid card initiatives – all of which are making it easier for traditionally fiat-inclined users to onboard to crypto.

However, the continued adoption of cryptocurrencies as a payment method relies on how quickly and efficiently users are able to onboard. This is, therefore, a revolution wholly dependent on merchants, vendors, and cryptocurrency payment gateway providers. Today, we’re embarking on a quest to explore different crypto payment providers and their accessibility ratings. This will, no doubt, assist in determining the characteristics that distinguish a world-class crypto payment processor that we can crown as ‘the best cryptocurrency payments gateway’.


While an obvious choice for many seasoned blockchain-goers, it’s important to reiterate that CoinsPaid is the leading Bitcoin payment provider and crypto payment gateway in the world. Its transaction growth is also seemingly unhindered by the crypto winter, standing at 26% in October of 2022. Moreover, CoinsPaid, through its daughter company CryptoProcessing.com, now processes around 7% of all Bitcoin transactions worldwide. The crypto payment processor serves its thousands of clients instant fiat conversion, with over 20 cryptocurrencies and 40 fiat currencies to choose from. As an added bonus, CoinsPaid also boasts some of the lowest fees on the market at less than 1%. 

The company is also fully-compliant with regulatory requirements, being registered in Estonia, holding its own compliance department complete with multiple AML officers and an MLRO. 

But that’s not all – a seamless integration with various other products and services ensures that CoinsPaid can cater to diverse needs within the crypto ecosystem. With a fully-fledged OTC deck, facilitating the direct trading of cryptocurrencies between buyers and sellers, CoinsPaid comprehensively covers all bases. 

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Due to all of the above, CoinsPaid has been nominated for the best cryptocurrency payment provider of the Year by AIBC Awards, for the second year in a row.


Coinbase is another world-leading Bitcoin payment gateway, widely used among cryptocurrency enthusiasts looking to accept payments in crypto for their commercial transactions. The Coinbase app for merchants can be conveniently downloaded to send and receive crypto instantly. With a slick, symmetric payment module, Coinbase has managed to integrate with some of the most popular e-commerce platforms looking to accept crypto payments. In developed European markets such as Spain, the Netherlands, and Italy, Coinbase remains the go-to, widely considered a gold-standard in the crypto payment provider industry.

Binance Pay

Binance Pay is an innovative and versatile cryptocurrency payment platform developed by Binance, one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges. Designed to make cryptocurrency payments contactless, borderless, and secure, Binance Pay enables users to shop with over 70 different cryptocurrencies at various supporting stores and businesses, including online travel booking through Travala. It also allows users to send crypto to friends and family quickly and efficiently, even internationally, all with the convenience of a single tap.

Furthermore, Binance Pay’s customizable Payment Priority Order provides users with the flexibility to choose the cryptocurrencies they prefer to spend, in the order they desire. This is complemented by lightning-fast transactions that are usually confirmed instantly. With a robust portfolio of strategic partnerships, including collaborations with Lyzi, WordPress, CoinGate, and ivendPay, Binance Pay is continually expanding its ecosystem.

The platform also offers unique features like the Crypto Box, which allows users to celebrate special moments by sending a crypto gift to multiple recipients. Integration with the Binance Card enables the conversion and spending of favorite cryptocurrencies at more than 60 million merchants worldwide, all managed through a unified wallet.

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Additional benefits include cashback programs, offering up to 5% USDT cashback when shopping with participating merchants, and seamless integration with wallets like Trust Wallet. Binance Pay has also launched a prepaid crypto card in collaboration with Mastercard, currently in the testing phase in Brazil, showcasing their ongoing efforts to bridge the gap between traditional financial services and the growing crypto ecosystem.

Access to Binance Pay is streamlined and available to all eligible users on Binance.com after a simple Identity Verification process. With its user-friendly interface, a broad range of supported cryptocurrencies, and a strong focus on security, Binance Pay is at the forefront of making crypto spending a part of everyday life. 


Crypto.com Pay is a sophisticated payment gateway that empowers merchants to tap into the burgeoning global cryptocurrency economy. With the support of over 50 million ERC20 wallets, it enables businesses to accept payments in Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies swiftly and securely. Through an intuitive dashboard, merchants can effortlessly send invoices, manage payments, and get set up within minutes, all without any transaction or setup fees. By settling in their preferred fiat currency, they can save up to 80% on fees.

Integration with major e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Opencart, Ecwid, nopCommerce, Presta Shop, and Oveit further extends the utility and convenience of Crypto.com Pay. It not only simplifies the payment process for the businesses but also adds substantial value to the customers. Users of Crypto.com Pay can shop at over 150+ brands, earn up to 10% back in CRO (Crypto.com Coin), send crypto to friends for free, buy rare collectibles on Crypto.com/NFT, shop for Pay Gift Cards, and even top up mobile airtime.

Crypto.com Pay is more than just a payment solution; it’s a comprehensive platform that bridges the gap between traditional e-commerce and the exciting world of cryptocurrency, providing both merchants and customers with a seamless and rewarding payment experience. Its integration with various shopping platforms, customer-centric benefits, and commitment to cost-efficiency make it an attractive choice for businesses looking to embrace the crypto economy.

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Blockchain.com’s payment gateway provides an empowering platform for users and developers alike, enabling the seamless buying and selling of cryptocurrencies. The offering is underpinned by Blockchain.com’s proprietary in-house systems, which provide industry-leading crypto liquidity, payment, and anti-fraud measures. These systems promise better stability, flexibility, and pricing, contributing to enhanced conversion rates.

The payment gateway allows for easy integration with a few lines of code, extending fiat payments with major payment methods across more than 200 regions. Additionally, users can leverage a one-click experience to buy and sell crypto through more than 80 million Blockchain.com Wallets, a convenient option for those who have already completed the KYC process with the platform.

As a testament to its reliability, Blockchain.com has been trusted by over 80 million wallets and 37 million verified users since 2011, handling over $1 trillion in crypto transactions and accounting for one-third of all Bitcoin network transactions. Fully licensed across applicable global jurisdictions, Blockchain.com’s payment gateway offers an opportunity to partner with a leading crypto brand, paving the way for enhanced accessibility and user experience in the crypto market.

Final Thoughts

While there are many options to consider, each of these providers offer a secure payment gateway for businesses looking to accept cryptocurrencies, providing an indispensable service in our increasingly digital world. Ultimately, the best cryptocurrency payment provider or gateway will depend on individual business needs, market presence, and specific requirements. The evolution of cryptocurrency payment systems will undoubtedly continue as the demand for easy, fast, and secure ways to accept crypto payments grows.

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