A man is arrested in Spain for alleged gender violence after his partner showed the international distress signal

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The Mossos d’Esquadra, the Police of Catalonia (Spain), has arrested a man for alleged gender violence after the woman who accompanied him asked for help from the staff of a medical center showing the international sign against sexist violence.

“In a medical waiting room in Barcelona a woman indicates, with the international aid sign, that he is a victim of sexist violence. Thanks to this gesture that a worker recognizes, we detain the woman’s companion for alleged mistreatment“, communicated the police force this Monday through his Twitter account.

Local press informs that it was a 64-year-old man with whom the woman “had about 10 years of relationship“Upon recognizing the gesture, the worker and the hospital alerted the security forces. The female revealed to the police officers that she was a victim of “continuous insults and slights”, as well as “some push” by your partner.

This signal for help consists of opening the hand with the palm facing outwards and the thumb bent. Subsequently you have to hide the thumb with the other four fingers. The gesture was devised by the Canadian organization Canadian Women’s Foundation and the American Womens Funding Network, in order to help women who suffer gender violence.

Last week in the US a teenage girl was rescued of a kidnapping after he made the same signal to a motorcyclist, who alerted the Police. The young woman had been missing for several days and learned the distress signal on TikTok.

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