After ransomware attack: Anhalt-Bitterfeld asks the Bundeswehr for help

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In order to be able to work faster after the cyber attack, the district of Anhalt-Bitterfeld asked for help from the Bundeswehr. This involves support with forensics and the reconstruction of the technical infrastructure. Each of the employees’ 900 computers must comply with the safety precautions, a spokesman for the district said on Tuesday. With the IT staff in the district administration, this could not be done in a timely manner. “Since we want that quickly, we have submitted this auxiliary request.”

On Monday, the district announced that a request for help had been made to the Bundeswehr. There was initially no response from the Bundeswehr. The spokesman expects an answer within a few days.

On July 6, it became known that several servers in the county were infected with ransomware in a cyber attack that encrypts data. The source of the infection was initially unclear. After a monetary payment, the data should be released again, but the county declined to pay a ransom.

Since last week, thanks to the emergency infrastructure, the district has been able to work again to a limited extent and can be reached by e-mail. Some services can be provided again – some of them externally. According to the information, this applies to the areas of guardianship, care authority, housing benefit, integration assistance, care assistance, assistance for the blind, BaföG and awarding of contracts. A vehicle registration is still not possible.


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