Alicia Bercán and Leonor reveal the promise behind departing from RTVE’s FAME series

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The sudden departure of actress Alicia Bercán from the popular Spanish seriesLa promesa” has stunned millions of fans. Bercán portrayed the beloved character Leonor Luján, who quickly captured the audience’s attention before exiting the show due to her character’s supposed trip to Paris. In a recent interview, Bercán opened up about her experience on the show and her departure from it.

Bercán played the role of Leonor Luján, a dreamy, happy, and in-love young woman in “The Promise”. During chapter 60, the character was rejected by Mauro, and Martina encouraged her to go to Paris to study fashion and forget the painful experience.

Despite being a well-known actress in Spain, Bercán was nervous on her first day of filming. She described feeling like a flan and grateful for the experienced actors who helped calm her nerves. In her interview, she expressed sadness about leaving the show, as she felt like she had become part of the family and had shared both good and bad moments with her colleagues.

Bercán explained that she and her on-screen character, Leonor, were one person, and it was easy for her to connect with Leonor’s feelings of heartbreak and loss, making the role even more personally fulfilling.

“The Promise” is a period story filled with love, mystery, heartbreak, and revenge set in the 1920s. It tells the story of two families, the Marquises of Luján and the Navarro brothers. The Palace, owned by the Marquises of Luján, one of the largest landowners in the country, becomes the center of several conflicts, including the wedding of the heir to the estate, Tomas.

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The Spanish series is broadcast on La 1 RTVE and streamed on RTVE Play series platform. “The Promise” premiered on January 12, 2023, and has already aired 18 episodes.

Bercán’s departure was not the only one to have shocked the show’s fans. Another renowned actor, Alberto González, also left the series unexpectedly. Despite the changes in the cast, “The Promise” continues to captivate its audience with its exciting and suspenseful storyline.

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