Ana Obregón breaks barriers as a mother at 68 through surrogacy: A spotlight on the famous Spanish celebrity

By: Dan Cooper

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Ana Obregón, a well-known Spanish television presenter, has become a mother for the second time at the age of 68, through surrogacy. Obregón received her baby in Miami, United States, and will return to Spain when the girl’s papers are in order. The sudden news generated comments and many questions that are answered in this note.

Losing a son forever, touched very deeply in the heart of the celebrity. In 2021, death would come close to her family again, taking her mother Ana María Obregón Navarro. The following year, in September, a new storm fell in the artist’s life, with the departure for eternity of her father, Antonio García, at the age of 96. A series of tragedies devastated Ana’s last years. However, in March 2023, the sun has risen again for her, although her losses have been marked forever in her being.

Ana Obregón’s baby was born by surrogacy on March 20 in Miami, United States, where the celebrity settled in an apartment that she rented since March 16. The celebrity kept the arrival of her daughter a secret, a decision only known to her ex-partner Alessandro Lecquio and her sisters Celia and Amalia.

The baby’s father is unknown, but Alessandro Lecquio helped Obregón in her decision according to Joaquín Prat.

Many people have been critical of Obregón’s decision to have a baby through surrogacy. However, despite the criticism, there were also people who supported her.

Obregón has worked as an actress, presenter, singer, choreographer, dancer, screenwriter and writer. She was born on March 18, 1955, in Madrid, Spain, and is currently 68 years old. She studied at the Complutense University of Madrid.

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