Anonymizing operating system: Tails 4.25 makes data backup easier

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If you want to navigate the Internet without leaving any traces, you can’t avoid the Linux distribution Tails. The developers have now improved the operating system, which is fully geared towards maintaining anonymity and privacy, in detail.

Tails is a live system that starts directly from a USB stick. Alternatively, you can do this from a DVD. You can also boot the ISO image as a virtual machine. You can start right away with an email client, the Tor Browser and LibreOffice. Surfing is possible via the encrypting Tor network. If you restart the system, it forgets all settings made for security reasons. However, data can be stored permanently on a special partition (persistent storage).

As the developers write in a post, you can with Tails 4.25 It is now even easier to make a backup of this partition. This makes sense, for example, if you want to use a second Tails stick as a backup and should also contain your own data. The backup process was previously only possible via the command line, but now also works via a graphical assistant.

Furthermore, thanks to a new entry in the GRUB boot loader, the system can now be started even more easily from an external hard drive. In addition, the developers have implemented the Tor Browser 11.0.2.

Automatic upgrades are only possible from Tails 4.19. The next Tails version is planned for January. According to the roadmap, Tails 5.0 will switch to the Debian 11 (Bullseye) operating system and the Wayland display server protocol in 2022.

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