“Arcane”: the 10 best characters from “League Of Legends”

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Fans of the famous video game “League of Legends” will now be able to continue enjoying their favorite characters through the Netflix series entitled “Arcane”And which was released on November 6, 2021. To give the series more realism, the production was set in the universe of the classic game.

Another characteristic of the series is that an exhaustive work has been done to give a better depth to the tradition that the game has already developed previously and in the first chapters it was possible to see how several of the characters are humanized.

Arcane”Is a French-American animated series where the characters will go through a series of adventures, combined with a dose of drama and comedy that tells the backstory of two beloved champions of the game.

In this production you can also see several new characters whose characteristics and abilities we will tell you below.

Caitlyn is a character who has to deal with the problems that occur in Piltover, the fictional city in which this story takes place. Despite having a comfortable life that he could enjoy without worrying, he is aware of what is happening in society.

One of the signs of his kindness is when he tries to help Jayce who was ostracized for using magic.

This is one of the characters that is not seen much in the video game. He is characteristic of a cocky appearance and is more concerned with the pursuits of the mind as he tries to devise the way in which he can use magic in his studies.

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Vi is one of the main characters in the series and is also Powder’s older sister. As an older sister and with great responsibility, she tries to take care of Powder while thinking that her sister is making her life more difficult.

This new character goes by the name Vander who in the series will adopt a kind of father figure for the Vi and Powder sisters.

He has a friendly demeanor and is always caring for the citizens. He has a bar where sometimes all kinds of coordination are carried out, but he always maintains a caring attitude.

Heimerdinger’s character is a wise old yordle who amazes many with his knowledge. Another of its characteristics is that it has a high-pitched voice with hints of irritability.

Heimerdinger is a very serious being, his height, voice and movement is something that has surprised many. He is one of the oldest characters in the series.

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