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Audio editor Tenacity: Audacity will soon be facing competition

Tenacity is making headway: the fork of the audio editor Audacity is working in particular on its downstream and build process. Linux distributions should be able to include the program in their repositories more easily and Windows and macOS users should also be able to compile it more easily themselves. All of this is done in preparation for the first release with ready-made packages for end users.

Specifically, validated build instructions for Fedora 34, Arch, Ubuntu 20.04, Windows and macOS are now available. An overview of the progress can be found on the project’s GitHub page. A lot of work also goes into the dependencies of Tenacity, in some cases the developers have to create forks of orphan libraries and write new CMake build systems. Some of these packages are missing from many Linux distributions so far.

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Furthermore, the project wants to be able to package as many dependencies as possible in vcpkg for the Windows and macOS versions. Conan, however, the developers have completely removed from the Tenacity build system. However, the software is not yet ready to push Audacity from the throne of free audio editors: Before that, more tests on other Linux distributions and hardware architectures are necessary.

Tenacity saw the light of day because Audacity made several controversial decisions: In May 2021, the Muse Group took over the popular open source project and caused bad blood with the use of Google Analytics and a CLA compulsion. Shortly afterwards, many users encountered new guidelines on privacy, and after several weeks the developers at least apologized for the “failed communication”.

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