Babylon’s Fall awakens at E3 2021; new trailer for PlatinumGames game

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Babylon's Fall awakens at E3 2021;  new trailer for PlatinumGames game

Babylon’s Fall has been shown in an extensive new trailer during the Square Enix Presents of E3 2021. After two years with hardly any news, the work of PlatinumGames confirms that it will reach PS4, PlayStation 5 Y PC coming soon. Still no release date, but the video that you can see at the beginning of this news gives a good account of the progress that the game has experienced in recent months.

The Japanese studio, responsible for works such as Bayonetta, assures that we can complete the dungeons with up to four players. Team customization will be a fundamental aspect of the playable structure. Will have private beta in the future and it is confirmed that it will be a game service.

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What do we know about Babylon’s Fall, from PlatinumGames

We have to go back to last July 2020 when we had the latest weight news regarding Babylon’s Fall. They said the development was progressing smoothly and without interruption, but they had nothing to share at the time. “Square Enix and Platinum Games are dedicated to providing an exciting experience and we look forward to unveiling much more about Babylon’s Fall as soon as possible,” they pledged.

Some time ago, at the State of Play at the end of 2019, we could see the first video with gameplay of the PlatinumGames title, which allowed us to make it clear that we are facing a title hack and slash medieval and fantasy themed. We will have all kinds of armor, monsters, strange but hostile beings and swords, which will result in action “brand of the house” where the Japanese company will seek to surprise us with a always recognizable gameplay. Combos, frantic punches, dodges in the last tenth of a second and final bosses To remember.

It was confirmed then that we will have Dodge that temporarily slows down time and that some of the combos that we make can also be done in the air, thus giving a variety of blows of all kinds. Of course, the ability to modify the scenarios, destructible and changing, although it was not clear to what extent we will be able to explore them and if the experience will be as linear as we are accustomed to. After two years of practically total silence, it is time to see this title again from one of the most respected Japanese developers in the sector. They are also working on another of the most anticipated video games of recent times, Bayonetta 3, which will arrive exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

Babylon’s Fall will be released soon for consoles PlayStation 4 Y PC.

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